FDA trying to rebrand wonder-drug ivermectin as just a horse dewormer

FDA trying to rebrand wonder-drug ivermectin as just a horse dewormer. By Joanne Nova.

The [US Food and Drug Administration] has launched a marketing program to rebrand the Wonder Drug from Japan as just a horse paste …

The FDA may hope to save people from self-medication accidents, but will regret telling a half-truth-soup and burning up more of what’s left in their trust-bucket. After all, they want the public to trust them with their lives, but it only takes one eye opening conversation to undo years of propaganda.

If the FDA are not mentioning that something like 200 million humans use Ivermectin each and every year — what else are they hiding? That it won a Nobel Prize and costs $1 a day?

The FDA and the Guardian and co, are training readers to mock anyone who even asks about Ivermectin. It’s the old Argumentum By Derision again. The tool of bullies, not scientists.

Martin Pengelly at the Guardian got the message the FDA was sending:

Ahead of full US authorisation of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine, the federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had a simple message for Americans contemplating using ivermectin, a medicine used to deworm livestock, instead of getting a Covid shot.

“You are not a horse,” it said. “You are not a cow. Seriously, y’all. Stop it.”

Indeed, Lordy! No cool person will take cow medicine ever again. But say, don’t vets use penicillin ..?

The reasoning that animal-medicine can’t be a human-medicine doesn’t wash: a lot of drugs for farm animals are drugs for humans too. Like Aspirin. Valium. Prednisone. Propofol. Tramadol. Dexamethazone. Doxycycline. Amoxicillin. Benazepril. Etc etc.

The FDA is going Double or Nothing — not to save American lives, but to save their own reputation. Word is getting out that Ivermectin seems to help a lot of people, and how would it look if the US FDA was not as advanced as India, Peru and Mexico? …

Given their job is to evaluate scientific data, the FDA doesn’t give any of the sort of reasons we’d expect it might do. They don’t say ivermectin is ineffective, doesn’t work, or that it binds to the wrong part of the virus, stops antibody production, or doesn’t reach the tissues it needs too, or anything like that.

They can’t say that, because apparently they haven’t looked:

The FDA has not reviewed data to support use of ivermectin in COVID-19 patients to treat or to prevent COVID-19; however, some initial research is underway.

How good do we feel about that? 644,000 Americans have died so far, but the FDA hasn’t found the time in the worst pandemic of the last 100 years to even organise the research? …

Medicine delayed is medicine denied. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Australian doctors can prescribe Ivermectin off label. Talk to your Doc. Show them the One Page Summary of Critical Trials on Ivermectin and the IMASK protocol.

Yet another example of science and a once-honest institution being ruined by politics (and a mob of woke midwits).