I’m sure it’s just coincidence, but diversity done it

I’m sure it’s just coincidence, but diversity done it. By Lance Welton.

The Afghanistan disengagement disaster was engineered by “an impressive array of female and BIPOC officials”. Conspicuously missing from the “array” as pictured: white gentile males a.k.a. the Americans who do most of the actual fighting and dying.


Top Row, left to right: Alejandro Mayorkas (Secretary of Homeland Security, “Latinx”), Kamala Harris, Avril Haines (Director of National Intelligence), Lloyd Austin (Secretary of Defense). Middle: Anonymous Afghan women, and an equally anonymous, but probably white male helicopter. Bottom: Linda Thomas-Greenfield (U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations), Victoria Nuland (Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs), Wendy Sherman (Deputy Secretary of State), Jen Psaki (White House Press Secretary).


This is a consequence of the Democrat voter base tipping decisively away from white America. …

Minority occupation government??

What this means is that key decision-making positions are held by people who are, stereotypically, governed by emotion rather than by reason: women, black people, Jewish people, and, of course, a senile white, male chairman of the board.

Only a lack of careful thinking could have failed to predict, and make contingency plans for, how appalling and cowardly the Afghan army would be, how quickly the Taliban take back the country, how overwhelmed Kabul Airport would become, and how probable a suicide attack upon it would be.

Stereotypes are built on statistical tendencies:

As I have previously reported, reasoned thinking — although, note carefully, found in both sexes and in all races — is disproportionately a white male trait.

British psychologist Sir Simon Baron-Cohen (yes! — related to that Baron-Cohen!) has demonstrated that there are fundamental differences between the stereotypical male and female brain.

The “extreme male brain” is extremely high in “systematizing.” It is focused on logic, reason, order, hierarchy and with making sense of the world accurately. Effectively autistic, it is extremely low in “empathy” — that is, caring about the feelings of others, and being interested in and able to read external signals of internal emotions.

The extreme female brain is exactly the opposite. It is low in systematizing and high in “empathy.” The result is that females are far more interested in equality, in making sure nobody gets hurt, and in the feelings of others …

In other words, women — such as Kamala Harris, who may well be de facto president, Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman and Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks — are less interested in the objective truth, less logical, and more willing to put ideals like “equality” above the truth and less able to coldly reason.

This might make them “see the best in people.” But taken to an extreme, “hyper-empathy” means that you over-read social signals, leading you to be paranoid about people’s motives … In other words, “Republicans are evil and everything they suggest about Afghanistan must be wrong!”

Which is made even worse by the fact that women are more neurotic than men. They experience negative feelings more strongly. … This makes them much likely to feel socially anxious, more conformist. And they make decisions — sometimes poor — accordingly.

Such as rigidly sticking to a deadline to avoid bad publicity. …

And finally we have Comrade Josef Bidenko himself. The Washington Examiner’s Styles cruelly says he “brings a diverse perspective to his administration by representing a community — near-octogenarians in cognitive decline — that is often underrepresented at the highest levels of government and in corporate America, albeit for obvious reasons.” Biden is surely comparable in his senility to Konstantin Chernenko (1911-1985), the senile (penultimate and probably merely nominal) Soviet leader between 1984 and 1985.

The Soviet Union, of course, fell apart a mere six years later.

Dementia, infamously, makes people not merely forgetful but emotional and irrational. According to studies, they become aggressive, unreasonable, disinhibited and prone to outbursts. … In effect, they become child-like.

So our unspeakably disastrous Afghanistan policy is being prosecuted by non-Whites, women and an overgrown White child. Based on the evidence of how the modal personality of such people is less rational than that of those who have, overwhelmingly, previously been in charge of our policies, we cannot expect things to go well.

Obviously people should be judged as individuals, not the groups they belong to. But too many coincidences will start to look like something else.