On Military Leadership in Australia

On Military Leadership in Australia. By Alistair Pope.

Like all pendulums, in the Australian case, it has swung too far to the Left and now sees combat experience among senior officers as almost distasteful …

Unfortunately, as the American military has shown, ‘Thoroughly Modern’ General Milley is the wokest of woke generals, with 16 medals and an assortment of baubles. He is also a complete failure as a military General.

Our own recent military hierarchy is little different because they are being chosen by their fellow bed-wetters for promotion because ‘they are ‘just like them’.

30 senior officers recently signed a letter to the Chief of the Defence Force imploring him to ensure that the effects on the climate were incorporated in our strategic military plans. Oh, good. That makes things easier as they have outed their desire for immediate retirement …

Breaking in the new Defence Minister:

I have noted that Minister Dutton is being distracted by the ‘machine’. It is an old trick I used myself. To keep him away from the real issues he is being drowned in trivia ‘needing his personal attention’. So, he is asked for advice in planning a march for all veterans of post 1980 wars, peacekeeping, domestic violence, training accidents and whatever. Submarine Farce? Howitzers Modified? F-35 still a dud? Frigates overweight and late? SASR rendered almost ineffective — no time for any of that, Sir, but we need you to consider this 716-page report for a new ‘participation’ award for all those who never deployed and are feeling left out …

So, while the machine remains well-lubricated and running on all cylinders, essential changes to reform, reorganisation and re-equipment of the ADF for the next war with effective senior officers, cannot happen.

Everyone in the Canberra knows that it takes about six months to break in a new minister — so that the minister thinks what the Department thinks and does what the departments wants. After all, the Department knows vastly more than the minister, who is usually just some random politician.