Why the Democrats are very reluctant to replace Biden with Kamala

Why the Democrats are very reluctant to replace Biden with Kamala. By Joe Cunningham.

Kamala Harris becoming the President via the 25th Amendment means the Democrats lose their tie-breaking vote in the Senate, and without a 51st vote, there is no way for the Democrats to break a tie in the Senate in order to confirm a replacement Vice President. They are effectively stuck.

But the question is also whether or not the Democrats even want Harris to be in charge. Her polling is absolutely dreadful. There are a lot of whispers in the background about her being unable to even run a political office. The Biden team doesn’t seem happy with her, Democratic leadership is staying silent about her, and the media is not even trying to cover her out of fear it would make her look worse (and, given her track record, it absolutely would).

She is probably the one person Democrats are less enthused about right now than Biden.

An interesting pickle for the puppeteers running the left. Perhaps they will do a deal with the Rinos to get a VP acceptable to the left when Kamala becomes President.

Or maybe they can lumber on with an incompetent old man at the helm? The US has been there before. Woodrow Wilson suffered a massive stroke in October 1919, 13 months before the 1920 election. The public was not told.

Wilson’s second wife, Edith, and his personal physician, Dr. Cary Grayson, literally hid the president from public view. No one was willing to declare Wilson unfit to lead. …

Since Wilson was neither dead nor willing to resign, Edith Wilson secretly ran the country in his stead. Wilson eventually recovered enough to make public appearances. He seemed to be mostly cognizant of his situation and the actions required of him. …

In 1967 the 25th Amendment, partially inspired by this situation, would be ratified to clarify the succession issue.

Thanks to Chris Dawson for bringing this to our attention.