Question the Narrative of the Ruling Party at your Peril

Question the Narrative of the Ruling Party at your Peril. By Ned Ryun.

This incompetent regime couldn’t execute a war and withdrawal against real terrorists in Afghanistan, handing over billions of dollars in weapons to them. But it thinks that people who question arbitrary mask mandates, potential vaccine passports, and have legitimate questions about the 2020 elections are the real terrorists. …

If the bipartisan ruling elite has the truth and facts on their side, why do they resort to censorship and threats of prosecution?

The latest Department of Homeland Security bulletin … neglected to mention any heightened threats of violence as a result of actions taken by organizations like Black Lives Matter and Antifa. No, the real threat is people who are tired of wearing masks and question the legitimacy of an extremely suspect presidential election.

The last line in the DHS bulletin warns readers: “Such threats are also exacerbated by impacts of the ongoing global pandemic, including grievances over public health safety measures and perceived government restrictions.”

Let’s be clear: the DHS bulletin wasn’t a bulletin; it was a threat, as in a read-between-the-lines threat. If you’re a conservative and have the wrong political beliefs, you might be taken to be a terrorist.

If you don’t line up with everything this administration and administrative state experts tell you, you might be a terrorist. So shut up.

We’ve come to the point where daring to question the narrative of the ruling party, in classic fascist style, is verboten.

Why do ideologies turn to authoritarianism? Because they are wrong.

The elites deeply resent questions about their legitimacy or competence. They consider it dangerous to question, but it also shows they feel threatened by transparency. But if they have the truth and facts on their side, why do they fear questions?

I’d really love to know what the real mortality rate is for COVID-19 for anyone under 75 who doesn’t have a serious comorbidity or underlying condition. I’d love to know why the Biden Justice Department feels so threatened by election audits in the various states.

But their response to questions like these is not honesty or transparency but aggressive authoritarian threats.

This is all somewhat inevitable. Authoritarianism has always been the ultimate end of progressivism … Now we just have the added flavor of a twisted worldview that holds biological men can have babies, there’s an unlimited number of genders, white guilt is deserved, and open borders are the only way to make the country worthy of praise.

The problem with an arbitrary worldview is that it rings hollow when tested; there’s no real truth to it so it begins to erode, and eventually, it will collapse in the face of real truth and absolutes.

That is why we are seeing the aggressive responses to anything that questions progressive ideas: if you believe that the state is the vehicle by which progress is made, filled with its so-called experts (really a credentialed idiocracy) then any who dare question their gospel are apostates and must be made to comply and submit. Those who won’t comply must be punished.

The Taliban just emerged victorious after 20 years. Let’s see what happens next. Woke and Islam are uneasy allies indeed, in agreement only in their struggles to overthrow western civilization.