Afghanistan is much worse than yet admitted

Afghanistan is much worse than yet admitted. By Rod Dreher.

The situation in Afghanistan is much worse than has been reported. I can’t tell you how I know this, but I have sources I absolutely trust. …

The stories I am hearing are absolutely gutting. They cannot yet be revealed so as not to put those still on the ground in greater danger. Of course Christians aren’t the only ones being persecuted. Any religious minority there is in grave danger, and all Afghans who helped the US in any way are marked men. …

If you talk to people involved in [in] religious liberty advocacy, you will find that Western governments don’t really care about the fate of Christians. The secularist received narrative is that Christians can only ever be persecutors, never the persecuted. This is how the US and Western European governing classes see it. With individual exceptions, so do our media.

A lot of Afghan Christians are going to die — it could be a genocide. Some are dying now. A lot of Afghans (Muslims and others) who helped our country, and who trusted us not to abandon them, are going to die. Some are dying now. I’m not speculating here; I know this. Soon, everyone will know it.

We will not be able to get all of our people out in time. The Taliban today has officially closed off all access to the Kabul airport. The Taliban holds all the cards here. The leading superpower on the planet is reduced to begging these barbarians for mercy — and they’re not giving it.

It seems altogether likely that after the August 31 deadline passes — and the Taliban has said no to extending it — we are going to face mass hostage-taking. Are you prepared to relive the Iran hostage drama of 1979-80? I think it is almost certainly coming, in some version.

Who to blame seems pretty straightforward:

Joe Biden owns this. … All the generals, the diplomats, and the national security scholars who for twenty years told us all was going well there — they own this. … We could have gotten our people, and our allies, out in an orderly way. All those government officials (military, foreign service, et alia) who screwed up the planning — they own this catastrophe. …

It’s another hostage. Should I say you’re not here?

Credibility kaput:

We literally told people who risked their lives to help us occupy that country not to worry, that we would take care of them. Now, we are telling many of them, “Sorry, you’re on your own.” Who is going to believe us going forward? …

Trump’s gloating not helpful:

I watched some of Donald Trump’s Alabama rally the other night, before I got disgusted and turned it off. I don’t blame him for laying into Biden, but he gloated about it, which struck me as deeply unpatriotic with American citizens facing a life-or-death struggle to escape Afghanistan.

Besides, I have no confidence at all that this wouldn’t have happened on Trump’s watch, given that he would have had to rely on advice from the same military advisers, and most of the same State Department team.

Moreover, Trump’s boasting the other night that the Taliban were afraid of him, and wouldn’t have tried all this if he were in the White House, is crass and empty. He praised our generals as “good,” but defined their quality based on loyalty to him. This shows you how utterly unserious he is about understanding the corruption in the Armed Forces that got us to this point. The wokeness in the US Armed Forces did not start under Joe Biden.

The latest Trump ad is pretty effective, however: