Trump versus Biden on Afghanistan

Trump versus Biden on Afghanistan. By Caroline Glick, who lives in a part of the world that really cares about understanding this and getting it right.

Biden’s accusation that the Trump administration is responsible for the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan is wrong on several counts. As former president Donald Trump and his secretary of state Mike Pompeo explained on Sunday and Monday, the agreement Trump reached with the Taliban was conditions based. Since the Taliban breached the conditions, there is little reason to believe that Trump would have implemented the troop pullout.

Moreover, Trump intended to evacuate civilians — both U.S. citizens and Afghan nationals who worked with the Americans along with their families — before pulling out U.S. military forces.

In the last two years of the Trump administration, Trump reduced the number of U.S. forces in Afghanistan from 15,000 to 2,500, without inducing panic or emboldening the Taliban. He quietly evacuated U.S. civilians again without inducing panic or demoralization. …

A former senior Trump administration official noted as well that unlike Biden, Trump was willing to listen to argument, and change his positions to align them with the situation on the ground when necessary. … The official argued, Trump would likely have kept a residual force in Afghanistan. Indeed, that was the only force that remained in Afghanistan. …

Perhaps the oddest aspect of Biden’s indictment of Trump is that he treated Trump’s deal with the Taliban as immutable. Yet, as Pompeo noted, just as Trump abandoned Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran, so Biden was free to walk away from Trump’s deal with the Taliban. …

Biden is just a tired old liar who says whatever suits:

This brings us to Biden’s devastating critique of the Afghan military, which he claimed was unwilling to defend the country. Over the past 20 years, 2,448 U.S. servicemen and women were killed in Afghanistan. Over the same period, 69,000 Afghan forces died defending their country from the Taliban. His statement amounted to malicious slander.

One of the main functions of the U.S. forces and contractors Biden removed was to serve as military air traffic controllers for Afghan forces. Their departure meant the Afghan military lost its close air support. And since the U.S. built the Afghan military as its mini-me, like the U.S. forces, Afghan forces were dependent on close air support to conduct land operations.

In other words, Biden is more responsible than anyone else for the Afghans’ post-American collapse. If he expected them to fight, he shouldn’t have left them dependent on U.S. traffic controllers which he withdrew without coordination or warning of any kind.


The old false-dichotomy trick:

It is entirely reasonable for Americans to demand the return of their forces from Afghanistan. But Monday, Biden presented the American people with a choice between fighting a major war against the Taliban which would see untold numbers of servicemen killed, or bring the boys home in total defeat, as he opted to do.

Biden’s presentation was a gross distortion of the facts. The U.S. suffered no losses over the past 18 months. The choice was between more of that and squandering everything U.S. forces in Afghanistan accomplished over the past twenty years. …

Silly old man:

U.S. allies are furious and alarmed as they see the collapse of U.S. credibility and strategic rationality.

Paul Mirengoff:

Biden doesn’t listen. He forms his views in knee-jerk fashion and, and with a self-confidence that is wholly unjustified, clings to them no matter what he’s told.

Trump may share the former trait, but he’s willing to listen and moderate …

Our mission in Afghanistan wasn’t “doomed from the start.” It wasn’t doomed in 2020. It was doomed only once Joe Biden became president. …

Biden refuses to accept that responsibility. Worse, he keeps saying “the buck stops here,” even as he tries to pass it off — to Trump, to the Afghans, to the intelligence community. Disgusting, but entirely in character.

So much wishful thinking on the left about Biden is being dashed upon the rocks of reality.

Speaking of rocks, Biden is dropping like one in the polls. We’ll visit them in a couple of weeks when the dust settles.