The Afghanistan Debacle is Exactly What the Left Wanted

The Afghanistan Debacle is Exactly What the Left Wanted. By Christopher Skeet. Some excerpts from one of the best rants on the fiasco.

The left thinks America is not only evil but irredeemably so. Hence, any policy, be it foreign or domestic, that weakens our nation-state should be pursued, the goal being that the nation-state will eventually corrode to the point of collapse. …

Every time he could, Obama favored strict Islamist regimes over Western-friendly governments. Whenever overseas pro-democracy demonstrators flew American flags, Obama reflexively sided with their oppressors. He removed sanctions from Cuba and Iran and asked for nothing in return. The JCPOA, the Paris Accords, and the Trans-Pacific Partnership were specifically designed to weaken American power behind the flimsy guise of noble causes. …

Now that the cat is out of the bag (and the Afghan girl back in it), the Pentagon is tripping over the “intelligence community,” who is tripping over the State Department, who is tripping over the Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity Office for Non-Binary Pashtun Child Brides to be first to raise its rifle in the circular firing squad of the pathetic blame game they’re now playing. …

We just let the pro-democracy protestors in Hong Kong, Cuba, and Iran know that they don’t have our support, other than the occasional week-too-late hashtag. We just let our allies in Taiwan, Ukraine, South Korea, and Israel know that we folded like wet paper to illiterate pedophiles in pickup trucks, so good luck against the million-man professional armies who are busy reassessing the futility of your current ceasefires.

We just showed that, contra the dictum of “leave no man behind”, we will leave every man, woman, and child behind who, be they American or Afghan, civilian or military, ever lifted a finger to help us.  We will literally let them fall off our planes. …

We abandoned Bagram Air Base on July 4, 2021. Biden originally planned to complete the withdraw on September 11th. These aren’t flukes, nor the clockwork stupidity of our government’s well-credentialed experts. These were specifically designed as symbolic humiliations of America, by people who hate America, who are being paid six-figure salaries to do so by America.

This was all deliberate.

Soviet Pravda writers, in the interest of maintaining their dignity, would have refused upon pain of death to fabricate a story like this on the grounds that it was simply too unbelievable.  But truth is stranger than fiction, and 44% of Americans polled after Kabul fell think Biden did a “good job” in Afghanistan.  With enemies like us, who needs a nuclear arsenal?

Who is not protesting?

Another telltale sign that this was deliberate is this:  who has been uncharacteristically silent this entire week? We’ve heard nary a peep from the biggest loudmouths of all, the activist left.

They haven’t lashed out in anger because they aren’t angry. Indeed, the campus elitists, Black Lives Matter, the Antifa incels, and the Squad knaves couldn’t be happier.  They think America deserved this. They can’t yet openly celebrate but give our schools another decade of critical race theory and our students will be celebrating August 15th not as the fall of Kabul, but as its liberation.

The left, including its swamp bureaucrats who administer our wars, has no qualms with what happened in Kabul.  …

They want to do to our military what they did to our police, by demoralizing and demonizing the institution to the point that they simply can’t get qualified recruits. What young, idealistic American would enlist to defend a country that doesn’t let them win wars, forces them to retreat from 7th-century quadrupeds, all the while having one’s own patriotism questioned and slandered by woke Pentagon careerists who blather about “white rage” and who remove Mahan and Clausewitz from the reading lists in favor of Ibram X. Kendi?

And what does the Left make of the tens of thousands of Afghans, assumedly members of the BIPOC oppressed class, who helped us? What do the legions of #MeToo “feminists,” who show up in Handmaid’s Tale gear whenever Nebraska tries to criminalize partial-birth abortions for pre-teens without parental notification, make of the millions of their Afghan sisters who woke up Sunday morning free and went to bed that night as slaves? Merely pawns on a chessboard to be sacrificed.

The left wants our betrayal of these Afghans to be seen by our allies, and for them to infer from this (and rightly so) that they can’t count on us to honor our commitments. It’s a perverse twist of our domestic politics. In America, the message of the Left is: If we can impeach Donald Trump and silence Rand Paul and spy on Tucker Carlson with impunity, how well do you think you’re gonna fare?  You’re on your own, pal.

Amplified across the world, the message of the left is:  If America will sell you out to the Taliban, they won’t even think about lifting a finger to the Iranians and North Koreans, much less the Chinese and Russians.  You’re on your own, pal.

The left would hysterically deny all this — if there was still a forum remaining where it could be put to them. Which would just prove there was more than a grain of truth to it.