Lara Logan on who is pulling the strings in Afghanistan

Lara Logan on who is pulling the strings in Afghanistan. By Charles Creitz.

Investigative journalist Lara Logan … said Wednesday it is clear the United States government prefers the chaotic outcome in Afghanistan as well as the criminal and humanitarian crises at the U.S. southern border.

Logan told Fox Nation’s “Tucker Carlson Today” that whoever in Washington is truly “pulling the strings” of the government intends for these crises to intensify, given their oft-unstated ability to stop them from worsening.

“What they want you to believe is that Afghanistan is complicated. Because if you complicate it, it’s a tactic in information warfare called ‘ambiguity increasing,'” Logan said.

“So now we’re all talking about the corruption and the ‘this’ and the ‘that’ and that there’s all these complex parts — but at its heart, every single thing in the world, in your personal life, professionally, on the global stage, at its heart, it’s very simple. It always comes down to one thing, one or two things. And in this case, in Afghanistan, this comes down to the fact that the United States wants this outcome,” she continued. …

Logan explained that the Taliban’s main base is not Afghanistan but Pakistan  … She said the U.S. helps fund a good portion if not all of the Pakistani defense budget in terms of military and intelligence services, like the ISI.

“For example, you could stop the money. You could stop the remittances of Pakistanis living in the United States. You could put on sanctions. You could have visas [withdrawn], you know,” Logan said of one potential action the U.S. government could take quickly to counteract the catastrophe in Kabul.



“Every time you try to address this issue, the immediate response for 20 years of this war has been, you’re advocating for war in Pakistan. No, you’re not. What they know is there are many things the United States could do right now to change what has happened and is happening in Afghanistan. And they’re not doing it.” …

“When we hear about the bureaucracy that is on Capitol Hill, which are the bureaucrats who survive from administration to administration, this has been their policy,” she said of the idea they have been propping up Pakistan.

“They have pushed through the Bush administration, through Clinton, through Obama, through Trump, and now to Biden that because Pakistan is a nuclear nation, they are the only country in that region that actually matters.”

All that aid to the Taliban from Pakistan flows through a few narrow passes. Everyone knows where they are. The US has not interdicted those routes.

It does open up a few questions, like “what is the Washington swamp really up to?”

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