Another Expert Warns about Covid Vaccines

Another Expert Warns about Covid Vaccines. By Dr Susan Vosloo, a leading South African medical expert. She was the country’s first female heart surgeon, and did her first heart transplant at just 33 years old.

The medical establishment is furious at what she said, and has replied here. Some excerpts from her recent interview:

This disease is the first medical condition ever that is predominantly, I would say, ‘mismanaged’ not by knowledgeable people but by politicians, bureaucrats and academics. And it’s fueled by relentless scaremongering created by the media. ….

On the suppression of early treatments:

From the beginning,… the vaccine was shown as the only potential saviour and the official advice was that this was a disease like the flu with a vascular component that was untreatable. The suggestion was made that people should just stay at home, do nothing until they are not able to breathe anymore and then seek help.

That is far too late. Some well shown early treatment modalities have been suppressed — you know what they are. The one drug was connected with the previous American President. Fabricated and discredited scientific study followed that has been — in medical history quite embarrassingly — retracted by two of the biggest journals that exist.

The other drug that some people refer to as “vitamin I” has also been shown to be effective by many people treating these patients early and this has also been discredited continuously — even going so far as to writing scientific papers where it is called “a right wing drug” which is really hard to take seriously. …

Vaccine promotion is over the top:

One of the major shortcomings of this vaccine rollout is that people are not informed of the potential risks of this, they are also not informed that there are other effective treatments.

The vaccine is rolled out in a very mandatory way, there’s no transparency, there’s a lot of undue pressure on society to comply with this.

This is totally in breach of any legal requirement where one is obliged to get free and proper informed consent from anybody that is being vaccinated, and that information should include particularly the risk of such treatments. …

There are risks to the vaccines:

The new technology that is used by these vaccines also has risk that nobody has ever confirmed or shown or excluded. …

This is not FDA approved. There is only Emergency Use Authorisation.

Being vaccinated does not prevent transmission, it does not prevent infection and it does not prevent death … If one does get sick, … your symptoms are reduced. …

Antibody dependent enhancement … is when the antibodies that one manufactures do not actually block the infection of the virus, but instead increase its ability to infect cells. That has been learned from previously made vaccines for the swine flu that was suspended after 50 people died. RSV infection is a lung infection that one finds in small babies — a vaccine was developed for this. Initially it seemed quite safe, but once the children were exposed to the infection there was a significant mortality. …

There is concern that vaccination may speed up the formation of mutations and one would only see how that would play out as time passes.

The vaccines fiddle with a complicated system that we do not understand. It’s like fiddling with a car engine or computer, when you only have a rudimentary knowledge of how it works. Your changes seem to work for now, kind of, but maybe they will make things worse later? We don’t know, yet.

hat-tip Stephen Neil