Afghanistan? It’s A-OK!

Afghanistan? It’s A-OK! By John Hinderaker.

Today Joe Biden, seeking damage control, was interviewed by Democratic Party loyalist George Stephanopoulos. …

Biden says nothing went wrong with the withdrawal from Afghanistan that is now under way. Intelligence, planning, tactics–all perfect. Chaos was predestined, in his view, and he wouldn’t change a thing …

George S. is apparently too loyal to his party to ask the obvious question: why didn’t you get the civilians out before stopping air support to the Afghan forces, closing Bagram Air Force Base, and starting to pull our soldiers out? …

Mission accomplished. His mission.

Politicians are expert at changing the topic to avoid talking about things that don’t suit them:

At one point Stephanopoulos starts to ask about the hundreds of Afghans packed into transport planes and photographed falling off of airplanes, and Biden interrupts, saying “That was four days ago, five days ago!”

It was a revealing moment, first because in fact, it was day before yesterday. And second, because the point is completely irrelevant. The airport fiasco will be evidence of Biden’s inept conduct of the withdrawal for many years to come. Two days or four, what is the difference? The brief exchange shows how sensitive Biden is to the video and photographic evidence that his management of the withdrawal has been a disaster.

This is the core skill of the political class, to constantly change the topic to their advantage.