The American epoch of failure

The American epoch of failure. By Daniel McCarthy.

For 20 years America built a Potemkin village and called it Afghanistan. Now this cardboard democracy has been trampled down in a matter of days by the Taliban….

Culture and the nature of the demography matter. The blank slate theory of the Marxists fails again:

The speed and comprehensiveness of the rout cannot be explained by Joe Biden’s blunders. The war has drawn to a humiliating end not because of a weak president’s missteps in the final weeks but because the entire project was misconceived. Afghanistan was not ready for democracy and trillions of dollars in American aid could not even begin to change that fact. …

The inability of our vision of the good life to prevail against the alternative represented by the Taliban — even with overwhelming force and wealth on our side — is a dire lesson.

Religious zeal and fear for one’s life are far more powerful motives than the Western cult of individual pleasure or the freedom to vote for the likes of a Karzai or Ghani or Bush or Biden.

A nation is more than ideas or propositions. The PC mob would have you believe otherwise.

The westerners chose a technocrat who they could relate to as Afghan leader. But that technocrat could not relate to his people, especially the ones mired in poverty and a certain seventh century Arabic mindset. Who are Afghans going to lay down their life for?

Now ask yourself who modern Americans will lay down their life for, and the answer is even more disturbing — and changing rapidly.