DHS dropped 40,000 COVID-19-positive migrants in US cities

DHS dropped 40,000 COVID-19-positive migrants in US cities. By Paul Bedard.

The nation’s former border chief reported today that the Biden administration has placed some 40,000 illegal immigrants infected with the coronavirus into American cities.

“At least — that’s conservative,” former acting Commissioner of Customs and Border Protection Mark Morgan told Secrets this afternoon. …

DHS announced it encountered 213,000 illegal immigrants on the southern border in July, another 20-year high.

Morgan has deep roots in border affairs and has kept up his contacts. He recently provided Secrets with photos of horrific conditions of migrants held in overpopulated facilities and shoved under bridges awaiting processing. …

“Let me give you another fact: 32 CBP personnel have died from COVID in the line of duty, nine in the United States Border Patrol, since the pandemic,” he said. What’s more, thousands have been pulled out of service because of their illnesses from handling migrants with the virus.

Morgan said that in some areas along the Rio Grande border, COVID-19 cases have jumped 900%.

A serious nation would have closed their border to the virus, and thus to illegal immigrants. It’s not as if US cannot. Do you think the US wouldn’t have closed its border for a serious pandemic, like the plague or ebola?