Defiant Biden Emerges to Defend His Catastrophe in Afghanistan

Defiant Biden Emerges to Defend His Catastrophe in Afghanistan. By Kevin Downey.

The president was adamant, stating that the United States’ goal is “counter-terrorism, not counter insurgency or nation-building.” He added: “We planned for every contingency, including collapse.” …

He made it clear that he stands squarely behinds his decision to leave Afghanistan, rather than send more troops to fight, although he admitted that the situation “unfolded more quickly than anticipated.”

He blamed Afghan leaders who left the country and “gave up” when the military “collapsed.”

Biden went on to say that the U.S. had trained and equipped a force of 300,000, giving them state-of-the-art equipment and a larger army than many NATO countries. “We gave them every tool they could need. We paid their salaries,” he said.

300,000 soldiers? Really? Many (most?) of them — like in Iraq — are just names on a spreadsheet. The US pays the Afghan Army who pays their wages to the local commanders, who then pocket most of the money because many of the “soldiers” are just phantoms that pad the payroll. This is standard practice in the Middle East. How come Biden and his advisors didn’t know that? Of course they knew it, and are misleading us again.

Soldiers are easier to count than votes, or deaths from covid or vaccines. But the US elite is in the habit of providing counts that suit its narrative, regardless of the reality. Numbers become so rubbery in the hands of political types.

“I believe to my core, it’s wrong to have American forces stand up when Afghan forces will not,” Biden boldly stated to the camera. “One more year, five more years, twenty more years, U.S. military boots on the ground would not have made any difference.” …

Biden went on defiantly, saying that no amount of military force would secure Afghanistan, which he called a “graveyard of empires.” He said he would rather take the criticism coming his way than remain in Afghanistan. …

Sure, he would say that now, now that it is happening anyway.

Senator Ben Sasse replied:

President Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan has been a disastrous display of incompetence that has provoked a humanitarian crisis. …

Those who advocated 20 years of nation building in Afghanistan and continually promised the American people that Afghan security forces would soon be able to defend themselves have much to answer for as well. For two decades, almost no one has leveled with the American people about the true state of affairs in Afghanistan.