Biden’s Deflection Won’t Work

Biden’s Deflection Won’t Work. By John Hinderaker.

Joe Biden’s speech today was a disgrace. He read briefly from a teleprompter, and took neither questions nor responsibility.

It is reasonable to infer that his mental condition is such that he is not able to answer questions, or else his actions have been so indefensible that there is no answer to the questions that might be asked. …

It is a remarkable fact that in the last week, the Taliban has answered more questions from American media than President Biden.

Don’t let them change the topic and introduce another lie into the narrative:

Biden pretended that he is being criticized for withdrawing from Afghanistan. This is a bad joke.

I, for one, wrote years ago that we should wind up our involvement in that country. I did not suggest, however, that we should pull out precipitously, without evacuating civilians first, and suddenly deprive Afghan forces of air cover so that it would be difficult or impossible for them to fight effectively. Nor did I write that we should abandon our bases without even bothering to secure or at least destroy materiel that has now fallen into the hands of the Taliban. I did not advocate that we pull out our military personnel first and only worry about civilians later, nor did I suggest that we wait until the Taliban have encircled the Kabul airport before trying to get either Americans or friendly Afghans onto airplanes.