Mike Lindell’s cyber symposium on voter fraud: No evidence forthcoming

Mike Lindell’s cyber symposium on voter fraud: No evidence forthcoming.

Despite Lindell’s claims over recent months, and suggestions that his revelations would restore Trump to power, his “cyber symposium” last week did not really offer anything new. Most visitors to the three day conference left on the second day. A lot of sizzle, but no steak.

Zahra Tayeb:

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell’s 72-hour “cyber symposium” failed to produce legitimate evidence of voter fraud, cyber experts who attended the event said. …

Lindell claimed he had 37 terabytes of information related to voter fraud that he would reveal. He said he’d give $5 million to any cyber expert, politician, or reporter who could refute the data, provided they attend the event in person.

Lindell’s claims were meritless, according to Rob Graham, a cyber expert who attended the symposium. “He gave us experts NOTHING today, except random garbage that wastes our time,” Graham tweeted Wednesday.

He added: “All day Mike Lindell has been on stage saying the cyber experts are happily working on packet captures. We are not. We haven’t been given the packet captures we were promised.” …

Harri Hursti, another attendee and election security expert, doubled down on criticism towards the event. He told The Washington Post that Lindell’s symposium was “a big fat nothing and a distraction,” adding that, “they have fed us with garbage just to control the narrative.” …

On day two, the crowd “wasn’t having it” and mostly left as a result, tweeted Zachary Petrizzo, a Salon reporter who also attended.

Mark Schwendau:

Lindell did have a bunch of computer bits and bytes scrolling on the big screens of the symposium at different times which is what would be in a cyber data packet.

Was it evidence of Chinese collusion? Who knows? In the first place, it was scrolling too fast to analyze and in the second place, most Americans are not qualified cybersecurity experts to even know what they are seeing. …

It was proven during the symposium that voting calculation machines were capable of being connected to the Internet for outside people to access … Vendors of voting machines constantly said their voting machines were not connected to the Internet or they could not be connected to the Internet. This is a lie.

Chris Dawson (a reader who watched the symposium on the net):

The main takeaway I got was the reason the Uniparty is refusing to allow the audit of the routers.

There were Antifa guys given MSM media passes causing havoc; Lindell was physically assaulted at his hotel; some cyber and symposium people had their houses raided at night with their kids having electronic equipment snatched from them and worse.

Lindell is a loud mouth whose knowledge of the technologies and evidence, or even what constitutes proof, is revealed as skin deep. He cannot prove either the origins or the significance of the recorded internet traffic. He is just a political operator, lacking even the substance to properly organize any experts and evidence he may have.

Unfortunately Lindell is great at attracting publicity and hogging the limelight, simultaneously diverting media attention from those who might actually have the goods on electronic voter fraud while discrediting anyone else who makes such claims. Sigh.

UPDATE by Chris Dawson:

I think you’ll find that Mike Lindell is still on his chosen course to the Supreme Court.

His $4 (?) million bet was that if any cyber person could prove his data was not the data from 2020 election they would win the bet. No one has come forward to collect the reward, so it seems that it was 2020 election data.

With the exception of one loud cyber ‘plant’ (subsequently caught on tape bragging about his scam and his presence at the breaking and bashings, and his poison pill sabotage) all the experts confirmed that it was the relevant election data (Mike had four separate people come to him with the same data).

The last piece of proving that the data showed the hack of the election, for security reasons, was withheld but was specifically showed that all states were hacked based on the same 2010 census data (upon which to build fake electronic vote-in ballots) and switching votes in transit.

He is now getting Attorneys General (apparently he now doesn’t need all states) to petition the SCOTUS to hear the case.

I think Mike will bluster his way forward.

He appears to understand the nature of the enemy — who likes chaos and mayhem.

Stay tuned.