Taliban leader claims he ‘spent eight years in Guantanamo Bay’ in victory speech from Kabul palace as Islamists seize Afghanistan

Islam overthrows an unpopular regime imposed upon them by the West. By Jack Wright.

A Taliban commander claimed he spent eight years in Guantanamo Bay in a triumphant speech from inside the Presidential Palace in Kabul …

Winners. The West’s regime didn’t even put up a fight.

The capital city descended into chaos, with US helicopters evacuating diplomats from the embassy in scenes echoing the 1975 Fall of Saigon which followed the Vietnam War. …

Foreigners in Kabul were told to either leave or register their presence with Taliban administrators, while RAF planes were scrambled to evacuate 6,000 British diplomats, citizens and Afghan translators, and the British Ambassador was moved to a safe place. The US and French Ambassadors have already been evacuated as the US rushes to rescue more than 10,000 of its citizens. …

Bagram airbase was also surrendered to the Taliban by Afghan troops, despite the hundreds of billions of dollars spent by the US and NATO to build up Afghan security forces. Upon its takeover, hundreds of Taliban and Islamic State terrorists being held prisoner there were freed.

How did the western regime in Afghanistan collapse so quickly?

  • It was a foreign government, run by foreigners in too many ways. People prefer their own kind running their lives. The Viet Cong were not peasants who read Karl Marx in the jungle and said “Yes! This is so correct! Let’s fight to the death for this one!” Blood is thicker than water, though the left furiously denies it and pretends that the US is an ideas nation.
  • An army will collapse rapidly when its soldiers “feel abandoned by corrupt leaders.” (Glenn Reynolds)
  • Islam is a very strong culture. It stands basically unchanged and unreformable from its beginnings in 7th century Arabia. It is certainly stronger than this unrealistic frippery:

How many Afghans laid down their lives for this?

We in the west were lied to by our governments and media. We were led to believe that the Afghan people by and large supported the regime we installed there. No, they just emphatically proved that they did not. They couldn’t wait to get rid of our government. How else was it overrun in a month by a ragtag bunch of lightly armed insurgents?

How do we know we were lied to? Because we are surprised at what just happened.

Too many Afghan people — and the expensive military we bought them — did not want to fight for the western regime. Even the Taliban seemed better, to many. How sad is that? Hopefully this will come as a wake-up call to conceited westerners.