Biden’s Folly

Biden’s Folly. By John Ellis.

Handing over Afghanistan to the Taliban is President Biden’s idea, if that’s the right word, and his alone. It is terrible policy, on any number of levels. …

How long do you suppose it will take for Afghanistan to once again become a “terrorist safe haven?”

About 18 to 36 months according to the recent the Afghanistan Study Group report.

Now the world adjusts to the newly revealed reality:

The question on everyone’s lips is: How’s everyone in Taipei doing today? Any update on America’s “strategic flexibility” regarding Taiwan? …

If you’re President Xi, you see Afghanistan, clearly, for what it is: a humiliating defeat for the United States. He might call it “flexible humiliation.” And what he knows from history is that defeated nations have little appetite for war in the immediate aftermath of losing one. Taiwan is there for the taking. …

The left will blame Trump for the disaster, naturally:

The French Bourbons of 1788 are Biden’s role models. Such arrogance and unawareness. So confident that reality will bend to accommodate his wishes.