That 70s Show, Getting Darker

That 70s Show, Getting Darker. By Steven Hayward.

Say this much for Jimmy Carter: it took him more than three years for his presidency to implode completely. By the end of 1979, we had high inflation, an energy crisis, American hostages in Iran, a geopolitical rival that held us in contempt and thought it has the wind of history at its back, prompting dangerous adventurism (including, ironically, in Afghanistan).

It’s only taken Joe Biden about six months to arrive at a comparable destination.


I don’t entirely blame Biden for the shocking collapse of Afghanistan. I’ve been saying for a long time, along with John, that the time had come for us to get out.

If the country can’t stand on its own for even a few weeks, what would another five years — and 5,000 more embassy staff — hope to accomplish? …

There has been a complete failure of our military bureaucracy to come up with a serious strategy to defeat the Taliban … Our political class, in administrations of both parties, was unwilling to confront the real cost of doing so.

But a lot of American elitists made fortunes or careers out of the Afghanistan adventure. So it’s all good. And no one will be held responsible or lose their jobs. Even better!

When western civilization was on the way up, people in positions of responsibility who screwed up would resign. Funny how that works.

What are the odds that the US Embassy in Kabul is captured within the next two months? Hostages perhaps? A failed rescue effort?

Daily Mail:

The Taliban seized its 17th major city on Friday as they raced to take full control of Afghanistan and inched closer to Kabul, with the main settlement in Logar province – just 40 miles from the capital – falling to the militants.

The blitz through Afghanistan’s southern heartland means the insurgents now hold half of the country’s 34 provincial capitals and control more than two-thirds of the nation – weeks before the U.S. plans to fully withdraw.