Shutting the Unvaccinated Out of the Economy is going to Punch a Big Hole in GDP

Shutting the Unvaccinated Out of the Economy is going to Punch a Big Hole in GDP. By James Mc.

With vaccine mandates being implemented in more and more places there are still 40% or more of the population who are refusing to get it. …

Those millions of unvaccinated people are being shut out of restaurants, entertainment, indoor venues, travel, and many other modes of economic activity. They are in effect becoming non-participants by force.

This is a SERIOUS hit to the economy, as most are choosing to shun any entity imposing draconian law rather than to submit to the jab.

Look for the GDP to crash as the vax/non-vax economy plays out. I haven’t seen a single word written on the possibility of spending by up to half of the U.S. population plummeting due to vaccine mandates.

Already US job figures suggest that one to two million people have been taken out of the workforce, perhaps by long covid or perhaps by the effects of lockdowns etc. It’s as clear as mud. Next, the unvaccinated are going to be progressively excluded from more and more economic life.

Add to that the money printing — 37% of all money, worldwide, was manufactured in the last year — and the under-performance of this first generation of vaccines, and we have a recipe for inflation and markets driven only by inflationary expectations.

Which is why the monetary authorities are manipulating the price of gold down so hard this year. (The gold price is set in a derivative market in NY, the COMEX, which can be manipulated purely with cash — of which the official sector has an unlimited amount). When it bursts …