Weaponized Immigration

Weaponized Immigration. By Richard Milne.

There is growing unease in both the Baltic states and Brussels over the actions of the authoritarian regime of Belarusian president Alexander Lukashenko. …

His latest tactic is to offer migrants from Iraq, Syria or several African countries a package that includes passage to the Lithuanian border. More than 4,000 migrants have crossed into Lithuania this year alone, more than 50 times the number that entered last year.

[Latvia’s foreign minister Edgars Rinkevics] said this was “a very clear case of hybrid warfare” by deliberately using migration to target the EU and Lithuania.

The migrants are actually being used as the weapon. The longer we live in this 21st century, the scarier it becomes. Things that we couldn’t imagine that could be used, they are being used,” he said.

Latvia’s foreign minister said he was encouraged by Iraq’s decision to suspend flights to Minsk, which, combined with Lithuanian border guards’ new tactic to “push back” migrants towards Belarus, has led to a significant decrease in the numbers crossing the frontier in recent days.

It’s also an implicit recognition that Muslim immigrants are harmful to a non-Muslim country. Only western lefties pretend differently.