Obama’s Friends: Sophisticated, not superspreaders

Obama’s Friends: Sophisticated, not superspreaders. By Tucker Carlson.

Obama’s $20m mansion. A President’s salary is less than half a million per year, so how did he get this? Third-world time?

Barack Obama’s party was merely an intimate gathering of “family and friends.” And in the end, that’s exactly what it was. The thing is, as you can see from the pictures, Barack Obama has an awful lot of very close friends. What’s interesting is who they are, and who they’re not.

Joe Biden wasn’t at the party. That’s weird, considering Biden and Obama are like brothers, as close as two straight men can be, as Biden himself has told us many times. If you’ve been watching carefully through the years, you may have noticed that Obama has never made that claim, he’s never said a lot about liking Joe Biden. Now we know he doesn’t.

So who does Barack Obama like? In a word: Celebrities. Obama likes celebrities. Lots and lots of celebrities. It was like the red carpet scene outside a lesser awards show on Saturday night: Oprah, Jay-Z, Gayle King, Tom Hanks, George Clooney, as well as a whole bunch of other people you wouldn’t recognize if you’re over 30 and don’t live on social media. There were a ton of them.

And it was kind of a surprise to see it, because Barack Obama is a genius. We can be certain of that because we’ve heard it claimed as fact for almost 15 years now. And yet we now know that when Barack Obama relaxes at his house, it’s not with intellectuals, or even with people who can read books. It’s with the kids he watches on TikTok. Obama passes around some high-fives, throws on a pair of beige slip-on shoes, and the world’s only grey Hawaiian shirt, and hits the dance floor. It’s party time.

No masks

The CDC tells us that the so-called “delta variant” is so dangerous that we can no longer have civil liberties in America. Private property rights have been suspended. It happened last week. Our children must wear masks at school. Again. We shouldn’t be allowed to go to dinner, or fly on airplanes, or have a job without first displaying our new vaccine passports. And, Barack Obama supports all of that. He is for all of the restrictions. But that doesn’t mean he wants to live under those restrictions.

On Saturday, Obama’s guests didn’t have to show their papers to get into the party. Unlike CNN employees, they didn’t have to prove they were vaccinated. Unlike your kids, they didn’t have to wear masks. It was like 2019 at Barack Obama’s house — like the whole pandemic thing never happened.

Here you have hundreds of people, indoors, without masks, who haven’t proven their vaccination status. And if the numbers tell us anything, quite a few of them weren’t vaccinated. Is that acceptable or not? …

Here’s what we learned: when large groups of maskless people gather without vaccine passports, it’s a danger to Americans, but only when those people ride Harley Davidsons.

On Sunday, Fauci once again scolded bikers who were gathering for their annual event in Sturgis, South Dakota. Now, these people are dangerous, he told us. Some of them went to community college, literally. And there are some who didn’t go at all. You should be worried.

As an epidemiological matter, where do you think Barack Obama got the idea that it’s a good idea to hold a huge indoor event with people who haven’t proven they’ve gotten the shot and aren’t wearing masks? How could he have determined that?

Maybe he watched his friend Muriel Bowser, who is the mayor of D.C., and just did the same thing. Bowser, you’ll remember, forced a new mask mandate on her city, but she delayed her within hours just long enough for her to hold a birthday party for herself. And that’s fine, it’s cool. It’s not like she rides a Harley. She’s a Democratic office holder …

It all makes sense:

One reporter from The New York Times explained why Barack Obama and his friends from TikTok can have maskless parties indoors without vaccine passports, at the very same moment you are not allowed to visit your dying parents in the hospital. It’s not arbitrary. It’s not capricious. There’s a reason, a medical reason.

ANNIE KARNI: Other people said, you know, this is really being overblown. They’re following all the safety precautions. People are going to sporting events that are bigger than this. This is going to be safe. This is a sophisticated, vaccinated crowd.

Now we’re talking science. So, when it happens at Barack Obama’s $12 million house — by the way that was the purchase price, we’re talking over $20 million house on the ocean that’s immune to climate change — when it happens there, it’s not a problem. Because the crowd is “sophisticated,” and “vaccinated.” …

Right now, the Biden administration is forcing unvaccinated people to obey every requirement that vaccinated people have to follow. It’s the “sophisticated” crowds that are exempt from the rules.

Vaccines have nothing to do with it. It’s a question of sophistication. You should know that the “sophisticated” in this country, the King Farouk’s who walk among us towering above the rest, are also exempt from having to pay their taxes, exempt from having their police defunded, or exempt from having Catholic Charities move penniless immigrants into their neighborhoods in the new Section Eight housing they’re building on their street. They don’t have to deal with any of that, because they’re sophisticated. It’s nice to be sophisticated.

But, it’s definitely bad to be “unsophisticated.” If you’re unsophisticated, CNN won’t come to your defense. Its anchors won’t defend you when you ignore the rule. Instead when you’re unsophisticated, they’ll devote hours of coverage to mocking and deriding you.

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Roger Kimball:

When it was first revealed that His Highness was planning this illustration of Thorstein Veblen’s thesis about conspicuous consumption, there were some plangent noises among the patter of adulation. Four hundred guests and 200 peons — er, servants? A teensy bit over the top, Barack? So the Obamas said they scaled it back — look it up: it was all over the court press. But it is clear that they didn’t. …

The second thing that needs to be corrected is the calumny that the Obamas occupy a pad worth $11-$12 million on Martha’s Vineyard. In fact, that 30-acre estate is worth about three to four times that much, but some lingering sense of propriety (I won’t call it shame) caused them or their PR flaks to lowball the assessment.

All in all, the Obama Odeon was an excellent illustration of Joel Kotkin’s thesis in The Coming of Neo-Feudalism: A Warning to the Global Middle Class. Western societies, above all American society, is lapsing back into a sort of stratified, feudal arrangement with some a tiny hyper-rich elite at the top and a vast pool of ‘deplorables’ kept in check by the police power of the state — what Joe Biden memorably apostrophized as ‘F-15s and some nuclear weapons’.