Democrats using covid for political ends, again

Democrats using covid for political ends, again. By Peter D’Abrosca.

For the record, I’ve revised my stance on taking the vaccine. I have decided to take it, but only after the Biden Administration closes the borders to the hundreds of thousands of unvaccinated illegal aliens who are crossing into America every month, and only after it stops flying those “superspreaders” across the country on the taxpayers’ dime.

Somehow, those unvaccinated illegal aliens aren’t killing granny. It’s only unvaccinated Republicans who are doing that.

The left won the last US “election” using covid to damage Trump’s popularity and then covid became an excuse to change the voting rules to allow more cheating. So why stop now? Today they are falsely claiming that (1) the unvaccinated are Republicans, and that (2) the unvaccinated threaten us all with elevated risk of sickness and death.