The New York Times has been selling out the USA for $100k per month

The New York Times has been selling out the USA for $100k per month. By Tucker Carlson.

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And not just the NY Times. The CCP paylist also included the LA Times, the Chicago Tribune, the Washington Post, and Twitter. And Hunter Biden and his dad. All in receipt of Chinese communist money.

All these organizations sure helped disarm the West against the Chinese bioweapon, encouraging the West not to close their borders or take other effective measures until way too late.

Origin of the virus? Keep those paychecks coming.

The only good news is that perhaps US elites might not be stupid. Maybe they have been acting as if they help US enemies because … they are merely corrupt and treasonous.

The left have gone mad. Why would anyone believe their media? 30 pieces of silver.

Trump was right.

UPDATE: Full text here.

More by Ashley Rindsberg:

As someone who has spent years researching the history of the Times, I was struck by the paper’s markedly pro-China bent at the start of the pandemic. It opposed Trump’s travel ban to and from China as “isolationist”. It all but ignored the unparalleled success of China’s arch-enemy, Taiwan, in containing the virus. It downplayed China’s economic war against Australia, whose prime minister early on questioned the CCP story on the pandemic’s origins. And it celebrated China’s success in battling Covid-19, taking the CCP’s absurd mortality numbers at face value, reporting in August 2020 that 4,634 Chinese people died from the virus and, six months later, that there were 4,636 total deaths. That in a country of 1.4 billion people only two people died of Covid-19 in the half a year defies logic and common sense. Still, the Times legitimised the CCP numbers by printing them as hard fact.

Of course, over the past year newspapers across the world have fallen for the CCP’s distorted Covid-19 narrative. And there is no evidence to suggest that the CCP did put pressure on the Times. But when it came to the lab leak debate, the Times was relentless. Starting in early 2020, when little was known about the virus — and nothing about its origins — the Times adopted a stridently anti-lab leak stance. In its first report on the topic, a February 17, 2020 article covering comments made by Sen. Tom Cotton, the Times stigmatised lab leak as a “fringe theory”. Once the story was published, its reporter took to Twitter to describe it as “the kind of conspiracy once reserved for the tinfoil hatters”. …

Of course, the New York Times, like so many industry-leading corporations, should be expected to make mistakes. But unlike other big businesses, this one is entrusted with shaping our reality …

Guilty, what?

Last summer, the Times abruptly ended its advertising relationship with Chinese state media outlets and scrubbed all trace of the advertorials from its archive. And in recent months, it has published a handful of articles quoting scientists who believe we should take seriously the prospect of a lab leak.

Chinese communist mouthpiece. Just like it was a Soviet mouthpiece in the 1930s.

hat-tip Stephen Neil