Israeli Study: Breakthrough COVID-19 infections after vaccination can lead to long-haul symptoms

Israeli Study: Breakthrough COVID-19 infections after vaccination can lead to long-haul symptoms. By Karen Weintraub.

Nearly 3% of medical workers in a new Israeli study contracted COVID-19 even though they were vaccinated, and 19% of them still had symptoms six weeks later. …

[It was troubling] that young, healthy people would get so-called breakthrough infections within a few months of vaccination. Scientists expected protection to wane over time, and they expected the vaccines to be less effective among older people and those with pre-existing health conditions. But that’s not who got sick in this study….

None of the 39 people who got infected passed the coronavirus on to anyone else …

Details matter:

The study followed about 1,500 Israeli health care workers for four months after they received the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine. Anyone who tested positive more than 11 days after the second dose was considered a breakthrough case.

Thirty-nine people — 2.6% of the total — were diagnosed with the virus. One was immunosuppressed; the rest were healthy, including nurses, maintenance workers and a few doctors.

All 37 people for whom data was available were infected by an unvaccinated person, usually within their homes.

Two-thirds had mild symptoms; the rest had none at all.

Six weeks after their diagnosis, 19% reported they still had at least one symptom: loss of smell, cough, fatigue, weakness, difficulty breathing, or muscle pain. Nine employees — 23% — weren’t healthy enough to return to work after 10 days of required quarantine. One hadn’t gone back after six weeks.

Most had the alpha variant of the virus, which is more contagious than the original version, but less infectious than the delta variant that now accounts for most cases in the United States.

Ok, we get the message: Vaccines offer some but not total protection, wear off, and don’t prevent you from catching or spreading covid. But we are not being told what their disadvantages are, partly because governments and those in the pay of governments aren’t keen to say, and partly because of the biggest censorship drive seen in peacetime in the last 100 years.

Governments just want everyone jabbed so they are no longer responsible. Jabbed? Job done. They don’t want to know about the shortcomings or dangers of vaccination.