‘Useless’: a US general’s verdict on the F-35

‘Useless’: a US general’s verdict on the F-35. By Robert Gottliebsen.

Two of America’s top-ranking generals have opened up to give the first official recognition of what it means when a country like the US loses global air and tactical superiority. …



The Joint Strike Fighter/F-35: Can’t fight, can’t run.


General John E. Hyten is Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and is America’s second highest-ranking military officer. Hyten told Defence One that the Joint Chiefs of Staff are rethinking the United States’ warfighting concepts after failing “miserably” in a war game that simulated a variety of scenarios.

An unnamed defence official told Defence One that one of the scenarios simulated a battle for Taiwan.

Hyten didn’t reveal much about the war games but he did state that the simulated US forces were swiftly and thoroughly dominated. “Without overstating the issue, it failed miserably,” he said.

“We always aggregate to fight, and aggregate to survive. But in today’s world, with hypersonic missiles, with significant long-range fires coming at us from all domains, if you’re aggregated and everybody knows where you are, you’re vulnerable,” Hyten said.

In an earlier interview describing the war games a second general, Air Force Lieutenant General Clint Hinote, stated: “We should never play this war game scenario (of a Chinese attack on Taiwan) again, because we know what is going to happen … The definitive answer if the US military doesn’t change course is that we’re going to lose fast.”

Significantly Hinote added that the JSF/F-35 would essentially be “useless” in such a conflict, and that “every fighter that rolls off the line today is a fighter that we wouldn’t even bother putting into these scenarios”. …


Air Power [Australia] say there is a magnificent supply chain and assembly system for the JSF/F-35 which can be converted to resume production of an enhanced F-22. The 100 or so F22s still in operation are superb aircraft that can compete with the top Chinese and Russian aircraft.

Sadly production was stopped to enable concentration on the ill-fated JSF/F-35. Because of the enormous profits that will be generated by a continuation of the JSF/F-35, restoration of a revamped F-22 will be machine gunned in the US. Australian defence officials will be urged to help.

Australia’s pickle:

At this stage the generals are confining their remarks to the US defence publication “Defence One” but the reverberations mean that Australian Defence Minister Peter Dutton and his assistant Andrew Hastie will eventually have to share with Australians the horrible truth.

Readers of this blog will be well aware of this important security problem for the west. See the Articles page for David Archibald’s journalism on the F-35, which is turning out to be prescient.