Humor is the Antidote to the Narrative

Humor is the Antidote to the Narrative. By Revolver.

Humor is the means by which people can highlight otherwise awkward and uncomfortable truths. It is the best weapon for deflating pretentious, serious, unimpressive frauds. Far from expressing “hate,” even “offensive” humor almost always serves to create warmth and break down barriers between otherwise different people.

In other words, humor is an existential threat to everything that the globalist order represents. Humor shatters the lies that globalism’s domination is based on. It exposes and humiliates the mediocrities who are perpetually elevated into leadership and positions of phony “expertise.” Humor itself is a pure meritocracy; no amount of state meddling or affirmative action can make something like the Ghostbusters reboot funny. And lastly, humor thrives on pointing out hypocrisy, inconsistency, and double standards. The modern regime is dependent on anarcho-tyranny, the ruthless enforcement of the law on some contrasted with the total immunity of others. The free exchange of humor would destroy such a regime.

That is precisely why modern “clown world” is so deliberately, brutally unfunny. Contemporary reality is inherently ridiculous, and it can only survive by making it borderline criminal to laugh at it. The alphabet community has morphed from “LGBT” to “LGBTQ+” to “LGBTTQQFAGPBDSM.” Sports Illustrated puts mentally ill men and obese monstrosities on the cover of its swimsuit edition. Ibram Kendi, the man who struggled to crack 1000 on the SAT, is paraded out as a leading public intellectual. George Floyd, a violent, repugnant man, is America’s chief secular saint. But smirk at any of this in public and one’s life can be destroyed.

Good humor invariably involves truth and pain. So humor doesn’t come easily to the ideological scolds:

  • The narrative is at war with truth, obviously.
  • Its woke practitioners are consciously trying oh so hard to avoid any pain for its mascot groups.

Lefty “comics” lost their humor in the last five years. Nowadays they mostly just stand up and call conservatives names — and then the lefty audience laughs uproariously! The first comrade to stop clapping will be shot.