California Bans High End Computers

California Bans High End Computers. By Neil Kurtzman.

As a consequence of an energy bill passed in 2017, the state has banned the sale of high end gaming computers. Not to be outdone Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, Vermont, and Washington have issued the same ukase. …

Computer gaming in California consumed 4.1 terawatt hours in 2016, costing roughly $700 million USD in energy bills. …

$700 million in electrical usage … in Californian terms is a spark. While banning computers, the state is mandating that all new vehicles be electric by 2035. They are also closing their only remaining atomic energy plant. Where will the power need to run 15 million vehicles come from? No need to worry, the legislature will pass a bill mandating it be provided.

Doubtless there are also businesses that need powerful computers that may be swept up in this ban; gamers will not be the only users affected by the prohibition. Thus, there will be a market that is illegal.

A faulty computerized climate model in the 1960s, whose faults were copied in every subsequent climate model, has led to a ban on powerful computers in the state that leads the world.

Who says God has no sense of humor?

“He who persists in climate computer games that are wrong, despite the evidence, shall have no high end computers.”