Victoria versus NSW: Victoria ‘won’ and cements our Covid future

Victoria versus NSW: Victoria ‘won’ and cements our Covid future. By Terry McCrann.

As NSW heads back to a Victoria 2020 future, Victoria has cemented the new “Covid safe” template for — at least — the rest of 2021.

It’s a template that will now apply in all states, including the ‘recalcitrant’ and now also presumably repentant NSW.

It is, simply, that at the first sign of new infections in the community, that state will move immediately to a hard lockdown unless and until we have reached pervasive vaccination levels. …

Now, all the premiers except NSW’s Gladys Berejiklian had already been operating that template.

We didn’t only see it in Victoria in both Lockdown 4.0 and 5.0, but In Queensland and WA, and SA — locking down at just a single case — earlier this month.

But it is the parallel experiences of NSW and Victoria through July that now makes it both certain and unanimous and all vaccine-dependant. …

  • Victoria went hard and early: active cases 190, deaths zero, lockdown 12 days.
  • NSW went slow and soft: active cases 2123, deaths 10, lockdown 33 days. And in all three categories, “and counting”.

So much for NSW being the “gold standard.” Their superior track and trace was brought undone by delta, which has a much shorter incubation period. Circumstances changed. Now NSW has to fall back on the more brutal lockdown methods, which Victoria learned to do too slowly last year.

I remain closer to the (old) Berejiklian end of the spectrum, especially now that we have near-pervasive at least partial and even two-shot vaccination of the most vulnerable: the over-70s.

I am just explaining the reality that has come out of the parallel experiences of NSW and Victoria through July. …

Simply, that the Andrews approach won and the (old) Berejiklian approach lost; and even Berejiklian — and the real money men, PM Morrison and treasurer Frydenberg -– have now “conceded” that.

NSW should get something like JobKeeper subsidies for a month or two. But that will be politically impossible, because Victoria was denied it during their 2020 lockdown.