The South African President: Wealth creation by osmosis thanks to being the right person of the right color at the right time

The South African President: Wealth creation by osmosis thanks to being the right person of the right color at the right time. By David Bullard.

Imagine that you’ve managed, to your perpetual surprise and amazement, to have accumulated a personal fortune of over [US$400m] over the past twenty-five years. This, according to Forbes magazine, makes you richer than Mick Jagger who has spent almost twice that amount of time as the front man for a world famous rock band.

Cyril Ramaphosa

You, on the other hand, haven’t had to put up with the rigours of touring, listening to Ronnie Wood’s jokes, keeping groupies at bay (well, maybe not) and singing the same old songs over and over again (well, maybe you have on that one).

You haven’t even had to start a business from scratch and gradually build up wealth as the business prospered and grew. … For you it’s been wealth creation by osmosis thanks to being the right person of the right colour at the right time.

You’ve built yourself a mansion on one of the best pieces of real estate in … Cape Town with a stunning view of the Atlantic ocean…. a perfect, multi storey retirement pad with luxury finishes for a guy approaching his seventieth birthday. …

In short, you’ve landed with your bum well and truly in the butter. So why would you want to spend all your time running a collapsing country? Could your heart really be in the job when you consider the extremely tempting alternative of trying to chew through at least half of that personal fortune living the high life?

Surely being called Mr President and having to give Sunday evening lectures to the rag-tag multitude of the unemployed, the lackadaisicals, the disillusioned and the terminally corrupt is no substitute for buying a yacht, a private jet and a football team. …

But, the narrative:

Pres Frogboiler’s praise singers in the lefty media have bored us to death over the past couple of years by assuring us that he plays something called the ‘long game’ and that we should all be patient. In other words Doc Morrow, don’t be alarmed to see people pushing looted electrical equipment in stolen supermarket trolleys past your house and please don’t fret about the threats to personal safety, the chemical spill in the ocean and the nightly gunfire.

Everything is fine because it’s all part of the long game to create millions of new jobs, build smart cities near Lanseria, give every learner an iPad and have bullet trains whizzing across the country. …

So how long is this long game then and what’s the denouement? Could it possibly be that there is no long game and we’ve all been taken for complete fools yet again? …

Racial scapegoats:

If Pres Frogboiler had really wanted to unite the nation and create jobs to grow the economy would he really have gone out of his way to alienate the white population? The popular ANC narrative that all whites are almost certainly racist, haven’t embraced the new dispensation, are the descendants of land thieves and slave traders and have a lackadaisical attitude certainly hasn’t done much for inter racial relations.

When KZN fell a couple of weeks ago there was much jubilation on Twitter (including from RET loving whiteys) that this was the much needed attack on white monopoly capital. From now on things would be different.

Except that when the pharmacies ran desperately short of medication and the shops needed basic foodstuffs who stepped in? It certainly wasn’t the ANC led government was it? They were busy wondering what the hell had happened while they were dozing. It was the dreaded white monopoly capitalists who mobilized and tried to sort out the problem. The very people who had their shops looted and burnt out in this orgy of anarchy.

Old white saying in Africa: there is opportunity in chaos.

hat-tip Stephen Neil