Australian politicians ‘smeared’ the anti-lockdown protesters with ‘fake claims’

Australian politicians ‘smeared’ the anti-lockdown protesters with ‘fake claims’. By Sky News.

“Whether you are for lockdowns or against them, the way these protests have been smeared, vilified, lied about is not just wrong, it’s exactly the opposite of what we need,” [Sky News host Andrew Bolt] said.

“More than 10,000 Australians are so scared and upset by these lockdowns that they marched in Sydney, and in Brisbane, they marched in Melbourne and in Adelaide.

“I don’t think the virus is a hoax and vaccinations a plot — as some of Saturday’s nuttier protesters do. And I certainly don’t support those few protesters who were violent — attacking police is shameful.

But I also detest how these protesters were treated like absolute dirt by their politicians … I detest also how our politicians pretended not to even understand the fears of these protesters.

Standard narrative tactic: pick out the nuttier opponents and publicize them bigtime, while keeping the sensible opponents out of the media.

hat-tip Stephen Neil