A Shocking Number of College Grads Wish They Had Been Taught More Life Skills

A Shocking Number of College Grads Wish They Had Been Taught More Life Skills. By Stacey Lennox.

Remember when Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) was amazed by a garbage disposal and the idea that you can grow food in the ground? Many of us tittered and guffawed. As it turns out, she is not an anomaly.

According to a poll from SWNS digital, 81% of college grads wish they had been taught more life skills before graduation. Instead, they learned the importance of pronouns and social justice activism. It seems that many students leave a college clueless about budgeting and what to do when you can’t afford DoorDash.

The learned helplessness churned out from our universities seems intentional. College grads who leave school without life skills are more willing to rely on the government.

SWNS digital:

The top things pollsters feel left in the dark on included how to invest, long-term financial planning, and the best ways to manage their student loan debt. A further three in 10 regret not learning how to budget.

Nearly one in five (17%) college grads polled still don’t know how to cook or do their own laundry. Twenty-six percent are also feeling lost when it comes to basic apartment maintenance too — like unclogging a toilet or resetting a Wi-Fi router.

Most politicians nowadays go straight from school into politics. They are clueless about so much. No wonder our leadership class is so inept.