The Psychology and Rise of the Mid-Wit

The Psychology and Rise of the Mid-Wit. By Edward Dutton.

You may have noticed the rise of the term “mid-wit” recently. This is why. It explains an awful lot about how society works now and our political trends. Highly recommended if you have half an hour.



Mid-wits increasingly dominate by their numbers, shouting down opponents. They are now more confident than ever, because some of them have earned newly-dumbed-down credentials at universities.

The big thing about mid-wits is that they are clever enough to know that it is “smart” to follow and propagate the politically dominant ideology. This licenses them to sneer and abuse those who are more interested in the truth, and are pointing out the problems in the narrative. Hence political correctness.

But mid-wits aren’t clever and confident enough to reach their own opinions, and to value truth over social status.

Increasingly, mid-wits and mid-wittery are driving the more talented people and those who think for themselves out of universities.

Mid-wits thrive in areas where disputes cannot be settled by experiment or empirical means. Opinion-driven areas such as humanities are the favorites of mid-wits. Be a mid-wit in say chemistry or electronics, and you will quickly be exposed. But be a mid-wit espousing critical race theory and alleging systematic oppression, and you can impress all your friends and get a well-paying career as an academic or journalist before you are disproved.

A reader:

That is very interesting.

He points out that since WW2 we have over-educated far too many people in the West. I think that’s a great understatement in fact. Far, far too many.