The Battle is Over. The Bad Guys Won.

The Battle is Over. The Bad Guys Won. By L.S. Bergin.

Recently, Coalition senators voted with One Nation to pass a motion put by Senator Pauline Hanson that called for the government to eject Critical Race Theory (CRT) from the national education curriculum. This echoes a flurry of state-level legislation in the US currently being considered or already passed.

The immediate response from the Australian Left was to scream, hyperventilate and simultaneously claim that:

  1. Critical Race Theory doesn’t exist,
  2. Even if it did exist it isn’t being taught in Australian schools, and
  3. Even if it is being taught in Australian schools it’s essential and the only possible moral way to view Australian history and society. So shut up, you racists.

It’s always nice to watch lefties go frantic as they play their little definition and re-definition games, furiously shifting goalposts when they suspect that they’ve gone too far and the stupid proles might be paying a little too much attention. Senator Hanson has made an entire career over triggering such outbursts.

Sadly, this time lefties don’t have much to worry about because the main problem with efforts to ban CRT is that they won’t work. It’s far, far too late for that. …

“Ban” CRT all you like, but the ideas will still be taught by practically every educator, from primary schools all the way to postgrad studies. They might call it something else (in fact they already do) and absolutely nothing any currently elected politician is proposing will make much of a difference. …

For over half a century, conservatives have gone to the trouble and expense of having children and sending the best and brightest of them (in ever-increasing numbers) to be tutored by publicly funded activists representing the furthest-left five percent of the population.

This has led to the current situation where an intelligent young person cannot hope for a position amongst the political or cultural elite of society without a piece of paper proving that they have spent years being taught that everything their parents believe is not only wrong, but evil.

Voting alone won’t do anything to fix this.

Democratic votes don’t actually mean anything unless the universities (and the other institutions staffed by the elites they train) agree. …

With respect to the classical liberals amongst us, it’s time for the right to realize what the left grasped at about the time Antonio Gramsci was staring at the roof of his prison cell. …

Institutions matter more than arguments, and if you’re not willing to support a slow “soft purge” of people who disagree with you while making damn sure you’re replacing them with people who do, then you can pass all the bills in the world and it won’t make an iota of difference to the direction of the country. Gramsci understood this, as it what the Left has been doing in a sometimes unconscious, sometimes coordinated, fashion for almost a century now: making sure that for every conservative who retires (or is forced out, a la Geoffrey Blainey) there is a leftist replacement in the wings. It worked. They’ve won.

Personnel is policy. The left grasped this many decades ago, and began the long march through the institutions. Leftists will only hire fellow leftists, so the share of leftists in any organization inexorably ratchets up. Therefore organizations that have gone left cannot be saved or reformed — they must be burned to the ground and started over.