World War Woke: A new cold war to spread the new religion

World War Woke: A new cold war to spread the new religion. By N.S. Lyons.

U.S. President Joe Biden has explicitly characterized his foreign policy as waging “a battle between the utility of democracies in the 21st century and autocracies,” and described the world as at an “inflection point” that will determine for the future “who succeeded, autocracy or democracy, because that is what is at stake.” And while he has named China and Russia as the top threats to democracy, he has stated that, “in so many places, including in Europe and the United States, democratic progress is under assault.” …

Many Americans, especially many American conservatives, have rather fond memories of the first Cold War (especially winning it). And the idea of promoting democracy and human rights, especially in the face of China’s many authoritarian abuses, is today a bipartisan passion in Washington.

But they should understand that, this time around, “democratic progress” and “human rights” are often going to mean something rather different than what they did during the last Cold War. …

Inviting the UN in to sort out US racial problems:

[U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken] … put out an official statement on July 13 saying the Biden administration was “deeply dedicated to addressing racial injustice and inequities at home and abroad,” that responsible “nations must not shrink from scrutiny of their human rights record,” and that the U.S. had “reached out to offer an official visit by the UN Special Rapporteur on contemporary forms of racism” to scrutinize “systemic racism” in America. …

Spreading the faith:

US Embassy in Seoul, June 14

[Blinken has already encouraged] U.S. embassies to fly the Black Lives Matter flag around the world as but one pillar of an overall policy of “advancing racial equity as part of supporting our national security interests.” …

See if you can penetrate this language:

“The Law of Inclusion” states that all evidence necessarily “leads to the conclusion that all human beings live in gendered societies traversed by power hierarchies,” and declares that, as we all seek to “build back better” (here inexplicably adopting Joe Biden’s campaign slogan) the “adoption of gender-based and intersectional analysis” is “a fundamental component of a diligent discharge of [all countries’ human rights] responsibility.”

Crucially, an intersectional approach leads to a “recognition of how race is gendered and gender is raced, as well as the many other factors which affect how one is allocated rights.” Plus, as a bonus, “gender theory is also relevant as a tool to address, analyse and transform systems of violent masculinity.”

Fortunately, such analysis has “permeated through public policy” and many states now “acknowledge its importance.” In fact, of more than 500 submissions of commentary surveyed by the Expert as the basis for the report’s findings, all of those from state and non-state entities “uniformly underscored the importance of gender-conceptual frameworks, analyses and mainstreaming as a tool for achieving social justice through public policy.”

True, some “other submissions were hateful or contained hate speech and were excluded ad portas [at the door],” and “they will not be part of any publication sponsored by the mandate holder,” so some dissent may have been methodologically excluded, but what is an Independent Expert to do? Tolerance is a tricky business. …

Summary of the new “fundamental duty of the State”:

To recognize every human being’s freedom to determine the confines of their existence, including their gender identity and expression. …

(Meaning, to be clear, that children of any age have a human right to alter their gender entirely by self-identification.)

An evangelical movement:

I hope you will retain at least one takeaway from my subjection of you to this word salad of intersectional jargon on race and gender: that the distinctive language and doctrinal ideological concepts of the New Faith have extended far past the Harvard Quad, crossed the oceans, and have now, as the report puts it, thoroughly “permeated” themselves through elite-managed global institutions like the UN Human Rights Council.

Conservatives, in particular, are typically dismissive of the UN in general and the UNHRC in particular (President Trump officially pulled the U.S. out of the council in 2018, after which Biden rejoined as an observer), as they see it as a pointless talk-shop that spends a majority of its time criticizing the United States and its allies, though with little practical effect. This is a mistake.

What is happening here is the steady creation and entrenchment of new norms that aim to redefine what is considered the normal and acceptable window of cultural, political, and legal practice by countries the world over. The UNHRC may have no direct political power, but it is precisely the ignorance or flippant disregard for the transformative long-term power of norms that has so far lost conservatives every culture war battle they have fought. Somehow conservatives — and now Liberals — have been consistently blindsided by norms falling out from under them (gradually, and then suddenly) even as they have held positions of political power.

World War Woke has started:

The ideological battles of Cold War 2.0 are not going to be limited to categories similar to those which at least broadly seemed to characterize Cold War 1.0, or necessarily even uphold the classic conceptions of “liberal-democracy” and “authoritarianism” or “autocracy” with which we are familiar. …

In order for a democratic state to be a legitimate “Democracy,” it is not enough for it to have a popularly elected government chosen through free and fair elections — it also has to hold the correct progressive values. That is, it has to be Woke.

Otherwise it is not a real Democracy, but something else. Here the term “populism” has become a useful one: even if a state is not yet authoritarian or “autocratic” in a traditional sense, it may be in the grip of “Populism,” an ill-defined concept vague enough to encompass the wide range of reactionary sentiments and tendencies that can characterize “resistance” to progress, as based on “traditional values,” etc. …

Ironic, isn’t it, that Biden — who came to power in a deeply unfair election that was almost certainly rigged — is lecturing the rest of the world about democracy. Of course, in their minds, evangelical zeal excuses the means — Trump and his voters just had to go.

Notice the word-smithing so beloved of the Marxist left. The words all change meaning. Now “democracy” means “woke”, which in turn means the agenda of the new Communists. Like “racist”, the world “democracy” is doing a 180.

You are either for us, or against us:

If you aren’t progressing forward in sync with Democracy, you are sliding backwards along the binary spectrum toward Autocracy. …

Moreover, … the insidious “forces” of Populism-Autocracy are present not only out in the undecided “Third World,” but even lurking inside Democracies in good standing -– constantly threatening to tip them, like dominoes, into the opposite camp. Hence why Biden issues warnings like the one claiming that, “in so many places, including in Europe and the United States, democratic progress is under assault.” …

Exacerbating this sense of fear and division is the fact that a Democracy can’t just hold some of the correct values – it has to hold all of them, in toto.

No one can simply be left alone or granted the slightest leniency, because no injustice in any place or of any degree can be suffered to exist, lest it pollute and threaten the entire system.

The conclusion is inevitable: the New Faith must be a missionary, evangelical faith. By its own internal logic, for its own survival, it must march abroad to convert the heathens even as it hunts heretics at home.

Having conquered the USA, woke is on the way to conquering the world. Nothing at all like when Nazism tried to conquer the world, not at all.

This is going to be a disaster for the West.

There are still plenty of countries out there — in fact, a vast majority of them — who think intersectional gender theory and other fruits of the New Faith are in essence stark raving mad, and are also rather attached to keeping their own cultures and traditions.

So even if you are a strong supporter of LGBT rights, feminism, or other liberal-progressive ideals …, it is still worth considering the practical consequences of Intersectional Imperialism. If the West makes ideological conformity an integral requirement for joining, receiving aid from, or even working with its Democracy bloc (as Blinken has implied), then many of these countries are liable to flee into the arms of China …

Take, for example, Indonesia. It is one of the world’s largest democracies (small d) and emerging markets… It is also piously Muslim, and unlikely to appreciate too much intersectional preaching lifted from the Law of Inclusion. …

Meanwhile, America and Western Europe, which during the first Cold War stood as beacons of liberty –- of democratic sovereignty, free speech, and free thought –- that inspired generations of anti-authoritarian dissidents, are diminishing their own light in the eyes of the world as they rapidly abandon the liberal principles they once embodied. …

Times have changed.

As the European Union prepares to consider writing “hate speech” into the official list of EU crimes, tweeting “gender-critical” thoughts is already an arrestable offense in the United Kingdom, and the United States looks to enlighten the world about the dangers of oppressive microaggressions, one wonders if there is any country remaining, the world over, still willing to genuinely represent liberal values in these terms today.

Instead only the crusaders of the New Faith remain to march into battle against the Autocrats and their Populist allies, and you are either with them or against them.

Welcome to the Woke Cold War.

Sigh. Will it last as long as the Third Reich? Who will go to the ovens? Who are the irredeemably evil ones in this religion?