Silicon Valley’s Cynical Treatment of Asian Engineers

Silicon Valley’s Cynical Treatment of Asian Engineers. By Kenny Xu.

Silicon Valley runs on Asians. This is a well-known aspect of the tech world in general, but it’s especially apparent in elite sub-sectors.

Even by 2010, Asian Americans already had become a majority (50.1 percent) of all tech workers in the Bay Area: software engineers, data engineers, programmers, systems analysts, admins, and developers. Census Bureau statistics from the same year put white tech workers at 40.1 percent. Other races made up, in total, slightly less than 10 percent. …

Diversity? Not really.

In press briefs and company images, we tend not to be treated to profiles of tech-team members — the core of these companies’ sky-high profits and market dominance. Facebook’s online diversity portal features nine stories. There are three people who appear to be black, and two who look distinctly Latino. Only one looks to be an East Asian person. His name is presented as Henry B.

Little did Henry B. know that he would be the only East Asian person featured, standing in racially for half of all Facebook technical employees. The other employees’ stories and photos tend to feature bright lighting, full smiles, and gushing reports of how much they care about Facebook’s diversity platform.

Henry B. has a dimly lit photo and a story that begins, “There are different ways of coding an application to make it more reusable.” Asian Americans have become an unfun topic in Silicon Valley corporate life. Certainly, they embarrass the diversity-obsessed gurus at Google and Facebook.

That’s because Asians are no longer considered “diverse” in the progressive tech world — despite unequivocally being a racial minority (6 to 8 percent of the total American population). Asian Americans represent 41.8 percent of Google’s workforce. Yet in Google’s 2020 Annual Diversity Report, Asian Americans are barely mentioned. Instead, the report comments on Google’s “increase[d] representation for women globally, and for Black+ and Latinx+ employees … We saw the largest increase in our hiring of Black+ technical employees that we have ever measured,” gushed Melonie Parker, Google’s chief diversity officer. (We are never told what a “Black+” person is.) …

The immigration scam is largely responsible:

There are a few reasons why Facebook and Google software engineers are so ignored and underpaid. First of all, Asian software engineers are often imported from other countries — China, in particular — through the H1-B Visa application process, which mandates that they must be sponsored by a US employer. The employer can revoke the sponsorship if and when it feels like it, and then the worker must get another job or leave the country. This means that companies such as Facebook and Google have leverage over their engineers, and can artificially depress their value (as well as the value of other people who work in the field).  …

Who else would want to work in such a field? You would be competing with people whose wages are kept artificially low — and you cannot charge more for your labor than them. Which explains why the tech workforce is largely Asian non-citizens. Natives who could do the job tend to go elsewhere, where they get paid more. Or they go into other fields, where they don’t have to compete with underpaid foreigners. Law is perfect, because law qualifications are always local.

Unfortunately, this strategy of keeping down Asian talent works. By the time these “quants” realize their true value, when they maybe even get enough chutzpah to complain about it, they are fired or on their way out, and a naïve new Asian tech guy comes in to replace them. (The average tenure of a Google employee, remember, is just 3.2 years.)

The racial breakdown of the Silicon Valley workforce mentioned above is exactly what you’d expect from the IQ stats of racial groups. Funny how Big Tech pretends to follow the woke agenda, but is secretly realistic.

I worked in Silicon Valley around 1990, as a researcher at a major equipment supplier to chip manufacturers. (I was an employer-sponsored alien.) The researchers were half Asian and half white, exclusively. The owner and founder of the company was Jewish, the only Hispanics were technicians, and the only black was the janitor. As it happens.