Joe Biden Babbles Incoherently During CNN Town Hall Train Wreck

Joe Biden Babbles Incoherently During CNN Town Hall Train Wreck. By Debra Heine.

In case you haven’t seen this:

During another profoundly awkward moment, Biden asked Lemon if he’d been vaccinated, before pivoting weirdly to talking about children who believe in the man on the moon, or aliens. …

During yet another bizarre moment, Biden accused QAnon of believing that “Democrats or the Biden is hiding people and sucking the blood of children.”

“No, I’m serious!” Biden insisted, as the CNN camera panned to the audience, cringing and shaking their heads. “Now you may not — like me — and that’s you’re right,” Biden added. …

Truly clueless where it matters:

He also took the opportunity to spread vaccine misinformation, stating definitively that if you’ve gotten the vaccine, you will not get COVID.

“The various shots that people are getting now cover that,” Biden said. You’re okay. You’re not going to to get COVID if you’ve had these vaccinations,” he told the audience.

People like this are running the western world? Surely not. Though it would account for the increasingly stupid and corrupt behavior we are seeing from government in the last couple of decades.

Not exactly Mr. Popularity, either. Minuscule audience:

How could he possibly win an election, without a lot of help?