Poll: US college students overwhelmingly favor race-blind admissions

Poll: US college students overwhelmingly favor race-blind admissions. By Paul Mirengoff.

According to a new survey by College Pulse, 67 percent of college students strongly support “race blind” admissions. Another 18 percent “somewhat support” such admissions.

This leaves only 15 percent who oppose race blind admissions. Of that group, only 5 percent strongly oppose them.

The survey defines race blind admissions as meaning that “colleges and universities would not be able to take a student’s race or ethnicity into account in their admissions decisions.”

Among Blacks surveyed, 75 percent support race blind admissions, either strongly or somewhat. Only 10 percent said they strongly oppose this. Thus, even the intended beneficiaries of race-conscious admissions are against them.

Young people today are marinated in PC fantasies, one of which is that all groups of people have the same statistical characteristics. Thus, most still naively believe that the group of blacks will do just as well as getting into college as the group of whites or the Asian group. Which probably accounts for the survey results — many of them believe that color-blind admissions will result in equal outcomes.

Those young people are unaware that decades of experience says otherwise, no matter what remedies are tried — and it’s not for want of trying. They lack experience, and have been systematically misinformed.