My Search for the Elusive White Nationalists and Supremacists

My Search for the Elusive White Nationalists and Supremacists. By Michael Giere.

It’s effortless to conjure up this nonsense — because there are never any definitions given for Christian nationalism or white supremacy.

What is a nationalist? What is a supremacist? If you love the country, or if you love the Constitution, are you a nationalist? Or, if you believe that God, not the government, ordains human rights (like the Founders), are you a Christian nationalist? A supremacist if you support controlled, legal immigration policies? If you believe in traditional values, personal liberty, free markets? What are you then?

Notice how the left never define their hate terms. If they defined what “white supremacist” meant, it would be possible to deny it. But if it is undefined, how can anyone possibly deny being one?

“Racist” used to mean someone who treated people differently based on their race. But under the left’s influence, it did a 180. Nowadays, the left says you are racist if you don’t treat people differently based on their skin color, if you don’t privilege blacks. Many leftists say that all whites are racist, and that non-whites cannot be racist. So when they call us racists, are they merely observing that we have white skins? (What of those of us who don’t have white skins?)



Just cut to the chase — a “racist” is just someone a leftist doesn’t like.

The key takeaway is simple; not one person I talked to at the PK conference knew or had heard a Christian nationalist. Nary a one. Nor had they seen or come in contact with a white supremacist.

To a person, regardless of ethnicity, they believed race relations in their church and their community broadly were better than they were ten, twenty, or thirty years ago, not worse. Also, these participants thought their church was doing a “good job” discussing race. …

Another attendee, Cass, said to me, “We got boys pretending to be men in the country now. Too many [men] never grow up. They talk about race, but they don’t believe in people. Race is just something to be mad about. We need men to come back to what God called us [to be]. When that happens, there isn’t any race that matters. …

To a person, the men I spoke to are worried about the country, concerned about Washington, and understand that the rights they have taken for granted for so long and the faith they carry — are all under assault. But, most of all, they understand that the answer to America’s unrest does not now, nor has it ever, relied on man’s efforts, but on men’s hearts.

Have you ever actually met a real Nazi? A white supremacist? Yet the media would have us believe that they are everywhere and are powerful. Odd.

Then, when it comes to purging the US military, the left defines a white supremacist as someone who listens to Fox News. Hmmm.