Do Whites Have Civil Rights?

Do Whites Have Civil Rights? By Steve Sailer. What a novel concept, whose time has come.

Technically, the Constitution hasn’t been abrogated in favor of the theories of Prof. Ibram X. Kendi. The Supreme Court can reinstate Constitutional principles such as equal protection whenever it chooses. …

Many of these ideas are existing law, but have largely been forgotten. It is time for the Supreme Court to restate them in no uncertain terms.

And some of my proposals are not yet law but can be made so by judicial fiat.

The first principle must be that whites have civil rights. All antidiscrimination laws must protect whites as fully as nonwhites. The courts must articulate explicitly that whites are a protected class, same as any other race.

For example, the “hostile environment” case law that says you can’t harass students and workers on account of their race must protect white children and workers currently required to subject themselves to critical race theory harangues. CRT, wokeness, intersectionality, antiracism, social justice, or whatever you want to call it are all just euphemisms for racist harassment of whites, which is illegal.

Rationalizations such as “We are not attacking white people per se, just whiteness” must be laughed out of court as feebleminded excuses for race-based hate. To use schools and workplaces to attack whiteness is to attack whites for their race, which is against the law.

All legal reasoning based on the assumption of a permanent, unassailable, invulnerable white ruling majority is obsolete and must be dropped.

The Supreme Court should announce that the era of it permitting violations of the 14th Amendment’s equal protection clause by tolerating discrimination against whites is coming to a close. …

Some other points:

Of course, by 2028 blacks will not be performing the same on average as whites. More blacks will be NFL cornerbacks and more whites will be hard-science Nobel laureates. The effects of 70,000 years of largely separate cultural and genetic evolution will not disappear soon. But 2028 will be the 60th year of explicit affirmative action in violation of the Constitution. Sixty years is enough. The country can’t survive 70,000 more years.

A good guide for the Supreme Court is to find ways to reject the edicts of Kendiism, such as that “The only remedy to past discrimination is present discrimination. The only remedy to present discrimination is future discrimination.” … Two wrongs don’t make a right.

The increasingly popular belief that whites alive today deserve to be punished for the sins of dead whites in centuries past must be denounced forthrightly as a violation of basic principles of the Constitution such as the ban on bills of attainder. Taxpayer-funded programs to demonize and demoralize innocent white children as vengeance for the sins of long-gone co-ethnics is not only unconstitutional but wicked.

Judges should enunciate that arguments over whether one is punching down (bad) or punching up (good) are irrelevant. Punching is against the law.

The mantra “Diversity is our strength,” as Dan Quayle claimed, is not part of the Constitution. Instead, it is an empirical assertion that must be subjected to strict scrutiny when it is offered as an excuse for racial discrimination.

Ours is a system of limited government. Equal protection of the laws refers to the operation of the laws, not to the outcomes of the cosmos. Equal protection does not mean that all are assured equal net worths.


Martin Luther nails his ninety-five theses to the church door


Other notions: Disparate impact analysis should also be extended to immigration policies that have the effect of changing the ethnic and thus partisan balance of the electorate. And any attempt to loosen the borders must be subject to one of those five-year-long environmental impact studies.

Will the majority on the Supreme Court step forward to save the country from racism and destruction by restoring the Constitution?

Got to start somewhere.