First sentencing of a Capitol “rioter.”

First sentencing of a Capitol “rioter.” By Andrew McCarthy.

A federal judge has imposed an eight-month term of imprisonment in the first sentencing on a felony charge stemming from the Capitol riot.

The sentence was imposed on Paul Allard Hodgkins, a 38-year-old from Tampa, by Judge Randolph Moss, an Obama-appointee to the U.S. district court in Washington, D.C.

In a widely seen photo, Hodgkins was depicted in Trump regalia and brandishing a Trump flag near the presiding officer’s desk in the Senate chamber on January 6. …

Notwithstanding the overwrought political rhetoric by congressional Democrats and Biden administration officials, particularly Attorney General Merrick Garland, portraying the riot as an atrocity on par with such terrorist mass-murder strikes as the 9/11 attacks, the Justice Department did not charge Hodgkins with anything like a terrorism crime — no charge of sedition or insurrection.

He was instead permitted to plead guilty to a single count of obstructing a congressional proceeding. …

For all their huffing and puffing, the prosecutors urged an 18-month sentence. Such a recommendation would, of course, be inconceivably paltry in an actual case of terrorism or insurrection.

No weapons charges have been filed and no one is charged with effectively more than trespass, yet scores languish in Washington jails, some in solitary confinement. Leftist rioters who trashed cities the previous summer were all set free. The law is fragrantly not being applied equally to all. In English-speaking countries for the last thousand years, this has always led to trouble.

The way to spot scammers and confidence tricksters is to watch what money actually changes hands — ignore the words, just watch the money. The only actual effect of the Capitol “riot” — as opposed to subsequent actions of the left that they said were justified by the “riot” — was to derail and cancel the one and only scheduled debate about election irregularities. It never happened. Could that have been its purpose all along?

The “riot” was theater conducted by the FBI. The emerging evidence  makes that pretty clear. Really, we are supposed to believe that security was so lax that the one guy dressed in a Chewbacca outfit is the very one who “fought” his way in to parade around inside the chamber? Sure. And the 14,000 hours of camera footage of what went on needs to be kept secret. Right.

If the left actually believed they had a case, they would demand openness and transparency. Instead we get the opposite. Same with the investigation into the election irregularities. Like a lie that leads to more lies, rigging an election has consequences.