Why Do Some Mistrust the Vaccines?

Why Do Some Mistrust the Vaccines? By John Hinderaker.

The Biden administration is trying to stamp out all expressions of doubt about vaccination on social media.

As noted here, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were themselves the most prominent of anti-vaxxers, and if some people took their skepticism too seriously, they have only themselves to blame.

But there is more: Drew Holden did an excellent job, back in November 2020, of reminding us that anti-vaccine sentiment was widespread on the Left right up to the 2020 election: …

And many more the link.

I am not aware of a single Democrat who has expressed remorse for discouraging people from taking advantage of the vaccines, or who has acknowledged their party’s 180 degree turnabout as soon as the election was over.

I think the Democrats’ view is that no one should ever have taken their anti-vaccine stance seriously. We should have known it was all just politics, and once the hated Donald Trump was out of they way, we should all have lined up for our shots.

Why should we believe habitual liars?