The Nazis Were Stone Age Totalitarians Compared to Today’s Left

The Nazis Were Stone Age Totalitarians Compared to Today’s Left. By Paul Gottfried.

The Nazis were political adventurers who took advantage of an economic depression — including 17 percent unemployment in a defeated Germany – to unleash fateful mischief.

Mass rallies are impressive, but nothing compared to control of the Internet

Yet back in Hitler’s time, there were no internationally interlocking media platforms providing the same slanted news. …

Within a day of the American media’s decision to turn George Floyd into a saintly martyr of racist American brutality, the same view of reality came to dominate the entire Anglophone and Western European informational network.

There prevails a tendentious pretense of “providing news,” as when we are told that the Hungarian soccer team recently “disgraced” itself at the European tournament by failing to kneel before matches began in worshipful memory of the drug addict and porn star George Floyd, or when Hungary is further shamed over the fact that its premier opposes giving LGBT instruction to preteens in elementary schools.

What our power elites want, they almost instantly get, given their means of influencing hundreds of millions of subjects through media propaganda, while marginalizing those who stand in their way.

Thus, it seems that the woke left and its allies can immediately impose whatever they wish entire populations to think.

North Korean refugee Yeonmi Park, who lives in New York and attended Columbia University, hit the mark when she described the increasingly totalitarian nature of the ruling class. Discussing the spread of political correctness in the U.S., Park compares the easily deconstructed picture of reality that Americans swallow to what people under Kim Jung-Un’s Communist regime are forced to listen to, and concludes that the American narrative is just as ridiculous. …

Today the media, the “democratic” administration, and the educational establishment can robotize their subjects by continuously harping on the same themes from the same perspective. The many films, news reports, and even advertisements with which we’ve been flooded in recent months show this particularly as they stress the glories of the black racial identity over the white one.