Covid exploding again in UK: Half of covid cases are in the vaccinated

Covid exploding again in UK: Half of covid cases are in the vaccinated. By Glen Owen.

The UK is important because it is the most vaccinated society at the moment, with seven million unvaccinated adults and 36 million vaccinated adults.

After feeling ‘a bit groggy’ on Friday night, [UK Health Secretary Sajid Javid] — who has been double-jabbed — took a lateral flow test yesterday. When it came back positive, he began self-isolating with his family pending the results of a more reliable PCR test. …

Stephen Adams:

MANY will be alarmed that despite being double-jabbed, Sajid Javid has tested positive for Covid-19.

The Health Secretary is by no means a rare case: GPs across the country are seeing increasing numbers of fully inoculated patients catching the virus. …

Astonishingly, ZOE data suggests the number of new cases in vaccinated people – called ‘breakthrough’ infections – is set to outstrip unvaccinated cases within days.

So what is going on? …

A jump in cases among the jabbed was always expected and does not mean vaccines are failing.

While highly effective against preventing hospitalisation and deaths, both the AstraZeneca and Pfizer jabs are markedly less effective at preventing any sign of infection. Put simply, the jabs are better at blunting the virus than snuffing it out completely.

Latest figures show two doses of AstraZeneca are 67 per cent effective at preventing symptomatic disease from the Indian — or Delta — variant that now accounts for almost all Covid cases in the UK, while two doses of Pfizer are 88 per cent effective.

In contrast, two doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine cut the risk of hospitalisation by 92 per cent. The figure is 96 per cent for two doses of Pfizer.

Such figures are being borne out on the NHS front line: a growing number of vaccinated people are displaying symptoms — but most are not falling seriously ill.

‘We are speaking to lots of Covid-positive patients who have had two vaccines,’ Dr Richard Cook, a GP in Sussex, told Pulse magazine last week. ‘Anecdotally they do not seem to be getting too unwell, and I’m not aware of any of ours being in hospital.’ …

The pool of totally unvaccinated adults has shrunk from 20 million three months ago to seven million now. Meanwhile, the number of double-jabbed people has risen from ten million to 35.7 million.

So, even in a community that has been vaccinated with the current generation of covid vaccines, we can expect almost everybody to catch covid eventually. The vaccine will reduce the chances of needing hospitalization when you catch it — by about 94%.

The vaccine companies are already suggesting we need regular booster shots. Perhaps as often as monthly — surely not, they’re just trying it on. The dollar signs must be rolling in their eyes.

Is that worth opening up our borders for? Might be better to wait for better vaccines.

The UK vaccination program isn’t stopping people from catching covid yet:

Michael Le Page:

More than 1200 scientists have now backed a letter in the journal The Lancet saying that the UK’s plan to lift most coronavirus restrictions in England on 19 July is an “unethical experiment”, which poses a serious threat to the rest of the world.

The letter argues that lifting restrictions at a time when infection rates are rising could increase the chance of new vaccine-resistant coronavirus variants emerging.

“Because of our position as a global travel hub, any variant that becomes dominant in the UK will likely spread to the rest of the globe,” Christina Pagel at University College London said during an emergency summit of scientists and doctors on 16 July.

Conversely, if everyone is vaccinated but catches covid anyway, we risk vaccine escape (not vaccine breakthrough) creating a more lethal problem — like Marek’s disease. Maybe anti-virals would be a better path.