It Appears There Was Meaningful Voter Fraud in Fulton County, Georgia

It Appears There Was Meaningful Voter Fraud in Fulton County, Georgia. By Debra Heine.

Biden won Georgia in the official count by less than 13,000 votes.

Referring to this week’s bombshell revelation that the election was “riddled with massive errors and provable fraud,” [Tucker Carlson] reported that “at least 36 batches of mail-in ballots from the November election were double counted in Fulton County,” a total of more than 4,000 votes.

Carlson explained that this explosive information came from the non-profit group VoterGA and Atlanta-area lawyer Bob Cheeley, after they had sued Fulton County.

He pointed out that even the left-of-center Atlanta-Journal-Constitution appeared to agree with VoterGA’s analysis after reviewing the ballot images independently, and concluded that hundreds of ballots were duplicated. …

Carlson aired surveillance video showing an election worker repeatedly feeding the same batch of ballots into a vote tabulator at State Farm Arena in Atlanta. He said the way to determine how many times the ballots were counted would be to examine the audit tally sheets.

“Tellingly, for months after the 2020 election, Fulton County failed to provide more than 100,000 of those tally sheets — including 50,000 for mail-in ballots,” Carlson explained. “When VoterGA finally forced Fulton County to turn over the tally sheets, the conclusion was stunning.”

The host explained that the audit found seven falsified tally sheets containing fabricated vote totals. “For example, a batch containing 59 actual ballot images for Joe Biden, 42 for Donald Trump … was reported as 100 for Biden, zero for Trump,” he said..

The actual total for the seven batches of votes was reportedly 554 votes for Joe Biden, 140 for Donald Trump, and 11 votes for Jo Jorgenson. The tally sheets, however were falsified tally to show 850 votes for Biden, zero for Trump, and zero for Jorgenson, Carlson said.

“How is that not flat-out criminal fraud?” he asked. “We’d like to know because it certainly sounds like flat-out criminal fraud.”

Carlson went on to display a picture provided by a whistleblower that appears to show an election worker counting stacks of uncreased mail-in ballots, which Carlson noted was odd because they should have been folded to fit into an envelope.

Additionally, according to the host, an election expert named Mark Davis analyzed data from the Post Office and found a glaring problem.

“He found that nearly 35,000 Georgia voters moved out of their county of residence more than a month prior to Election Day,” Carlson explained, going on to question why none of this seems to matter to anyone in power. …

Carlson … warned that the country could be on a collision course with something unspeakable because the ruling class refuses to address any of these irregularities.

On Tuesday, Representative Jody Hice (R-Ga.) called for the Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to “immediately resign” from office due to the overwhelming evidence of voter fraud found in the state.

“Over the last 48 hours there have been massive developments into the investigation of Georgia’s 2020 election,” Hice said in a video posted on Facebook.

Better late than never.