Concocted racial issue in the UK provides another excuse for anti-white racism and taking away rights

Concocted racial issue in the UK provides another excuse for anti-white racism and taking away rights. By David Evans.

This post is a mash up from several sources on an important emerging PC attack.

The people who control the narrative are using an incident at the recent European football final to further tighten their control of white society, setting precedents in the UK that can easily spread.

This is the UK’s wannabe George Floyd moment.

Steve Sailer explains what happened:

Apparently, in the big European soccer championship game today, the score was tied 1-1 so each team picked 5 players to take penalty kicks from 12 meters against the goalie. The Italian coach picked five white guys and they made 3 out of 5. The English coach first sent out two white guys who both scored.

Then he took out two whites and sent in blacks cold off the bench. They both failed.

Then he had a teenage black try to tie the game up with England’s final kick and he failed too.

The England players who missed their penalties were Bukayo Saka, Marcus Rashford and Jadon Sancho.

Obviously, a small sample size, but if the English coach’s strategy succeeded it would have been trumpeted as proof of the racial superiority of blacks and the need for England to import lots more blacks.

Because it failed and many English fans noticed it failed, it’s being megaphoned as proof that England needs even more black immigration to overwhelm those evil white racists who noticed.

Heads Diversity wins, tails you racists lose.

Imagine the op-eds if the coach had taken out two black starters to put in two white benchwarmers to take the key tiebreaker shots … and they missed.

This match is a big deal for the countries involved. It’s emotional. Especially for England, because soccer is overwhelmingly their major sport and because the last time England won a major international soccer competition was in 1966 (yes, 55 years ago).

Here is the video of the penalty shoot out. For those who aren’t soccer fans and don’t want to watch eight minutes (ignore the last few minutes), perhaps just sample it to feel the atmosphere:

The Italian team was all white. They are therefore accused of being racist for not being “diverse”, but since less than 2% of Italians are black this is obvious hyperventilating.

Not only that, but Italy had the only all-white team in the competition. Oh the irony. The Economist, a narrative mouthpiece, in an article linking Italy’s Euro 2020 victory to fascism, racism, and the defeat of multiculturalism, explains:

The most striking aspect of Italy’s 26-man squad before it took to the pitch was that, alone among the main contenders, it did not include a single player considered as being of color,” the article read, noting: “Although three were born in Brazil, they are of Italian descent.

“Most striking?” What sort of insane race-baiting is that? In case you’re wondering:

Italian citizenship is based on jus sanguinis (‘right of blood’): it is passed down from an Italian parent to an Italian child. Many countries around the world award citizenship this way, from Ireland to France to Japan. The opposite, jus soli (‘right of soil’ or ‘birthright citizenship’), grants citizenship to anyone born on a nation’s territory. The United States awards citizenship this way. …

Anyway, the end result is that Italians play on the Italian team. But they’re not just any Italians, The Economist continued, they’re bad Italians who were “ambivalent” about taking a knee before their games.

It’s all about immigration and replacement, as Sailer notes:

There’s been a frontlash by responsible authorities in England after the failure of their hopes to call for more immigration based on England’s heavily black soccer team winning the big game …

A  scapegoat has been found and given a heavy punishment. Jack Wright reports:

Greater Manchester Police have arrested the Savills estate agent who allegedly posted a racist tweet about black England football stars after the Three Lions lost the European Championship to Italy.

Andrew Bone, 37, self-presented at Cheadle Heath police station this morning and was subsequently arrested on suspicion of an offence under Section 1 of the Malicious Communications Act.

Bone, a commercial building manager, claimed that his Twitter account had been hacked after a message was posted on his profile on Sunday which said: ‘N*****s ruined it for us.’ After he was widely accused of being a racist, the post was deleted and Bone called for police to investigate. …

It might be significant that Bone is claiming his account was hacked and he didn’t write the post. Could he have been set up? It seems unlikely, but it certainly was a very convenient tweet for the establishment — look at all the consequences that are following. If so, it represents a new depth for the establishment.

Naturally Bone was arrested and lost his job over the tweet, and further measures are being taken:

As Bone was arrested for allegedly making a racist tweet:

  • Boris Johnson announced online racists will be banned from football matches after a wave of vile abuse;
  • Steve Baker called on the Conservative Party to ‘urgently’ change its attitude to people taking the knee;
  • An online petition to make ID a requirement for social media accounts hit more than 650,000 signatures;
  • Saka, Rashford and Sancho will be supported and asked if they want to pursue criminal action against trolls;
  • The PM summoned tech giants to Downing Street and told them to ‘up their game’ over online racism; …

A Savills spokesman previously said: .. ‘Savills has acted swiftly and confirms that the individual is suspended from duty pending the findings of this investigation, which is being progressed as a priority. …

Prime Minister Boris Johnson today announced that online racists will be banned from football matches after a wave of vile abuse of England stars. Mr Johnson told MPs that the Government is toughening up the football banning order regime as he clashed with Sir Keir Starmer over his stance on the national team ‘taking the knee’ before matches. Sir Keir attacked Mr Johnson [in Question Time], demanding to know if he regretted branding the anti-racism symbol ‘gesture’ politics.

When too much is never enough for virtue signalers

What a crazy religion! Anti-racism campaigners last night took the knee in front of the Rashford mural after it was defaced by vandals. But the graffiti criticized Rashford for his performance –it didn’t refer to race.

James Delingpole begins to make sense of this:

Rashford, in case you’re unaware, is one of those sportsmen better known for their political activism than for their prowess on the supporting field. He has taken the knee and raised the fist for Black Lives Matter, whose UK branch features him prominently on its website.

But is Rashford any good at his day job? Not on last night’s showing, no.

The game ended up as a 1 – 1 draw so had to be decided by a penalty shootout.

Rashford had only one job. Kick a ball past another man and into a net. He gets paid £10 million a year for this so he should be good at it. And it’s not like he had the excuse of being tired or exhausted. He hadn’t played at all during the main match. Along with another young player he was brought on as a substitute, right at the end, supposedly because he was good at penalties.

But he fluffed it. So did two other relatively young and inexperienced players Jadon Sancho and Bukayo Saka, who is just 19 years old.

England’s supporters were understandably unhappy about this. They had been led to believe by the media that the England football team was on the verge of its most significant victory since it beat Germany to win the World Cup in 1966. Instead, here was England doing what it pretty much always does in international football fixtures: playing stolidly; choking in the penalty round.

It seems that players like Rashford can be jolly big and clever with their race politics and virtue-signalling. But when it comes to representing their country in the most important game of their career they lack the fibre, skill, and fortitude to deliver. They are Generation Crap. …

Marcus Rashford is 23 years old. The only reason anyone pays any attention to his adolescent, half-baked, wearisomely predictable, race-baiting political views is that supposedly he is a credit to the England football team. But if he can’t even be a credit to the England football team, through the medium of scoring brilliant goals, then what exactly is the point of him? …

So much sport these days seems more interested in pushing a political narrative than it is in providing entertainment. Maybe it was ever thus. Juvenal did, after all, coin the phrase ‘Bread and Circuses’ 2000 years ago. But things seem to have got worse, much worse, in the last few years.

The main narrative in football is now this: everything, absolutely everything, is about racism.

Note how, today, the football establishment (from the England Twitter account to the loser manager Gareth Southgate) is busy trying to distract from its failure by having a go at fans for their apparently racist criticisms of the three England players who missed their penalties. (By unfortunate coincidence, all three of them belong to ethnic minorities).

The overwhelming majority of complaints have nothing to do with race:

Sadly there will be bad apples on the fringes, but the idea that English football, or England generally, is being riven by an unprecedented outbreak of racism is just race-baiting poppycock.

I don’t think England fans are criticising Rashford, Sancho and Saka because they are black. They are criticising them because they did not rise to the occasion. Just like England manager Gareth Southgate failed to rise to the occasion in the 1996 Euros, when he missed the penalty against Germany and caused England to crash out of the semi-finals. No more is Southgate a white loser failure because of the colour of his skin than Rashford, Sancho and Saka are black loser failures because of theirs. They are simply loser failures.

It has been suggested that Southgate chose the three losing penalty takers for political reasons: that he liked the idea of the optics of three ‘diverse’ players scoring the winning goals. I’m no football expert but I must say his choice of teenager Saka, especially, does seem bizarre: what an extraordinary burden to place on a 19-year old, when there were so many more experienced players who might have been less likely to crack at the key moment.

Southgate, in common with almost every senior figure in every institution you could name these days from the church to the military to finance to sport, is achingly PC. Whether he did choose those three players for political reasons or not we can’t know, but one thing is for absolute certain: if England had won, then Southgate, the Football Association and the mainstream media would be milking the race angle for all it was worth. They would be celebrating England’s victory as a triumph of diversity.

So the immigrant sacred cows were chosen for political reasons to showcase the triumph of diversity. But then they failed! And the other team, which were all white, won! Doesn’t God have a wicked sense of humor?

By the way, is there any evidence that black players do less well than white players in high-stress penalty shoot-outs? Apparently yes, as one of Vox Populi’s readers discovered:

Your posts about the Euro final and black players not being composed under pressure got me thinking about historical penalty results for England. I went back to the 1996 Euro [final] and compiled the data for their eight shootouts since that tournament.

  • 1996 Euro vs Spain (W)- whites 4/4, blacks N/A
  • 1996 Euro vs Germany (L)- whites 5/6, blacks N/A
  • 1998 WC vs Argentina (L)- whites 3/4, blacks 0/1
  • 2004 Euro vs Portugal (L)- whites 4/5, blacks 1/2
  • 2006 WC vs Portugal (L)- whites 1/4, blacks N/A
  • 2012 Euro vs Italy (L)- whites 2/2, blacks 0/2
  • 2018 WC vs Colombia (W)- whites 3/4, blacks 1/1
  • 2021 Euro vs Italy (L)- whites 2/2, blacks 0/3

Total: whites 24/31 (77%) vs blacks 2/9 (22%).  …

That’s one of the craziest sports stats I’ve ever seen.  Also, one could make the case that black underperformance directly cost England victories in at least two, and potentially four, big games. Diversity is a strength?

Larger sample size than the England-Italy match, but still not large enough. But the disparity is huge.

Finally, Paul Joseph Watson puts in a scintillating performance, getting to the political dangers of the extreme gaslighting and hypocrisy on display:

The narrative that legions of fans based in England sent racist messages to black footballers was a manufactured moral panic. It never happened.

The vast majority of the messages were sent from South Asia and the Middle East.

But now the state gets more power and the mob can increase its ideological purges.

The narrative is nakedly pushing a false and concocted outrage to further move towards Chinese style social control, and control western whites. The virtue-signalers are scrambling over themselves to sell us down the river. It’s as though it’s scripted.

The only way to have a successful multiracial society is to be color blind and to ensure that every individual (not tribe, not group) has approximately equal opportunity. That way, race does not matter to individuals.

But the left keeps picking away at the scab of racial issues to score votes and score virtue signaling points. Importing voters of different racial groups was deliberately done to both gee up the left’s votes and rub the noses of the right in diversity (Tony Blair’s words). This is very destructive, turning society back towards tribalism as society becomes hyper-aware of race and tribal history.

We were doing so well in the West, until the left switched from championing the working class to building a coalition of fringe identity groups aligned against white men — starting about 1990. In the long run, the left is making multi-racial society untenable. But they are in it for short term gain.

hat-tip Stephen Neil