DeSantis pushes back on the media for lying by omission

DeSantis pushes back on the media for lying by omission. By David Evans.

I’m not sure exactly what the issue is that kicked this off, because there are so many to choose from.

I wish more politicians would call out the media, instead of sucking up to them. Politicians need media exposure like plants need rain, but that’s not sufficient reason to silently suffer the blatant lying and hypocrisy.

Philip Barton:

I think that DeSantis will be the next Republican presidential candidate. Yes, Trump was robbed, but he was warned and warned about electoral shenanigans and did not react effectively. He also failed to reorganize the intelligence community which he should have realized was corrupt not only at the top, but at the next level down. It became ever-clearer that ‘The Swamp’ was built around the intelligence services.

Politics is not forgiving. Orange Man Bad did a great job on many levels and US politics will not be the same for a generation. Not many two-term presidents achieved the results that Trump managed in his one-term.

The over-riding consideration will be that DeSantis will be able to attract the votes of disaffected Dems who could never bring themselves to vote for Trump.