Democrat Groups Plan to ‘Fact Check’ Private SMS Messages

Democrat Groups Plan to ‘Fact Check’ Private SMS Messages. By Paul Joseph Watson.

Groups allied with the Biden administration are planning on working directly with cellphone network providers to ‘fact check’ private SMS messages if they contain “misinformation about vaccines.”

The revelation is made in a Politico article which explains how the White House is preparing to characterize “conservative opponents of its Covid-19 vaccine campaign as dangerous and extreme.”

Two problems here:

  1. Our conversations are none of their business. They happen to own the tech medium, but this is the way to dystopia and mistrust. It is profoundly anti-democratic.
  2. The left’s “fact-checkers” often get it wrong, because they promote the political fantasies that the left relies upon. A recent example of an about-face is over the Wuhan lab leak hypothesis, which they called a “debunked conspiracy theory” last year when convenient to hurt Trump, but now that Biden is elected they are conceding the obvious.

UPDATE: Tucker Carson has a pretty good monologue on this and the vaccine BS: