Why does the ‘woke left’ tolerate anti-Semitism?

Why does the ‘woke left’ tolerate anti-Semitism? By Frank Furedi.

Towards the end of May, one London-based Jewish academic colleague told me: “When you hear a group of demonstrators chanting ‘Death to the Jews’ you feel scared. But when you see that the people around them take no notice and don’t react to their vile outburst of anti-Semitism you feel alarmed and alone.”

There has been much discussion about the recent explosion of anti-Semitic hate throughout the Western world. However, what is arguably even more disturbing is that a significant section of society, particularly the woke left, appears to pretend it is not happening or seem indifferent to manifestations of anti-Jewish hatred. …

That Jewish identity might not deserve the recognition accorded to others is underpinned by its association with privilege. In an age in which white privilege is depicted as a cultural crime, Jews are often represented as a unique, hyper-white community who have far more privileges to check than others. Often this reaction against “Jewish privilege” meshes with hostility to Israel to produce a unique 21st-century species of anti-Semitism. This is why even though victims are routinely celebrated today, the oppression of Jews and the experience of the Holocaust do not provide contemporary Jews with legitimate claims to victimhood.

In effect, Jewish identity seems to have lost much of its moral authority among people influenced by identity politics. The post-Holocaust victim status of Jews has been revised — they are now portrayed as powerful, privileged and the aggressor. From their perspective Jews are fine in the Disneyfied form of Holocaust victims, but the ones that are alive today are regarded as the apotheosis of white privilege.

Why — in the intersectionality of inherent characteristics like race or gender, rather than more acquired characteristics like trans-status or religion — is the group with the higher average IQ always labelled the oppressor and the lower-IQ group the oppressed? Why do “social justice” measures always harm the higher IQ group? Coincidence?

Identity groups with higher than average IQ out-compete other groups, all else being equal. In the left’s drive to equality of outcome for all voters, higher-IQ groups are increasingly becoming the target of the discrimination necessary to stop them out competing the less-bright groups. Meritocracy dies some more, as society dumbs down.

This reached extremes at least three times last century. The Russian communists murdered their kulaks, the Nazis killed Jews en masse, and the Cambodian communists killed anyone with an education or even with reading glasses. (Oh look, in each case it was the extreme left doing the killing.)

hat-tip Stephen Neil