Talking about Ivermectin

Talking about Ivermectin. By Justine Botha.

Apparently you are “irresponsible” for publishing stories about Ivermectin. Have you ever! Those attacking Ivermectin now say the only trial which will be accepted as showing safety and efficacy is a large double blinded, randomised control trial which funnily enough only Big Pharma has the financial resources to fund. And why on earth would they fund a trial which would show that a cheap drug like Ivermectin is also extremely safe and effective — given that it would destroy any chance of making billions of dollars from new antiviral drugs and vaccines?

They and those in their pockets are doing exactly what the tobacco industry did when epidemiologists first observed high rates of lung cancer among people who reported a history of heavy smoking. The tobacco industry focused on the so-called limitations of the studies — like their reliance on people’s self-reported history of smoking — and insisted that there was no proof that smoking caused cancer because no one had done a sufficiently rigorous controlled study. They also produced studies, funded by themselves, which surprise surprise, showed that smoking didn’t cause cancer.

Any study can be faulted for methodological shortcomings, but that doesn’t mean its results should be ignored or suppressed, particularly when the findings are consistent with a large body of evidence from other researchers.

An enormous body of scientific evidence including 60 trials, 31 Randomised Control Trials (five of which have been published in the top tier medical journals), observational trials and case studies in countries such as Peru, Mexico, Zimbabwe and India have shown that Ivermectin is both highly effective and safe.

From the ivermectin information site:

hat-tip Stephen Neil